Player Collision to Return: OSX Launcher Coming Soon

Click to see player collision in action!




Many moons ago, players could collide with one-another, in a sense. It was more like two force fields repelling the other, but it was still collision. While removed a long time ago, it seems it may be making a return! This introduces a number of interesting changes on its own, changing how players will interact in shared spaces. With large groups of players in particular, this could become strategic in use, or simply hilarious as people push off others in a huge cloud of bodies! Overall, the change seems to be meeting positive responses.




It seems the OSX launcher is soon for this world as well! Seen by many as long overdue, the OSX launcher has, so far in testing, shown promise in stability and reliability, and may make an appearance for players in the near future! It is not available yet, but keep your eyes open - it is not far off at all.



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