Tiny Spoiler: New Command Blocks?


Today, Searge tweeted out a spoiler pic of something likely coming up in the next snapshot! At a glance, it appears to be two different kinds of command block from the standard one, with each of the new blocks having a different color from the original.


A reliable, yet unnamed source has confirmed only this:


  • these new command blocks come in these three colors (no more, no less)
  • they do not operate the same as one-another.

What could they do? Is it possible they each use a specialized set of logic? Do they interact in specific or unique ways? Minecrafters have already come up with a host of theories on the subject, but only time will tell! For now, just know that this is a secret, and you cannot share it with anyone! You were never here! You never saw this!


Three command blocks: orange, green, purple



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