Snapshot 15w32b Is Out!


15w32b is out with some more fixes, plus a couple new features on display! The new world select screen is now available, potions have had some tweaks done to get them more where they need to be, and of course, hidden features...




  • Redesigned world select screen.
  • Another thing with values.
  • Potions are tasting much better now, especially the harmful ones.




  • [Bug MC-82925] – Potions in new snapshot turn into water bottles with no texture / missing texture
  • [Bug MC-82968] – Kicked from server when in certain area
  • [Bug MC-83448] – Dragon respawns in old world
  • [Bug MC-83894] – /replaceitem cannot place non-armor items into Armor Stands' head slot
  • [Bug MC-84035] – Enderdragon can't die unless perched on portal
  • [Bug MC-85110] – Crash on shooting ender dragon with an arrow
  • [Bug MC-85152] – Command block minecarts despawn after loading world.

To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog).


Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.



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