15w31b is Live, Loads of Fixes!


Snapshot 15w31b has been released and contains the following (and probably some more) bugfixes:


  • [Bug MC-82808] – New arrow names
  • [Bug MC-82809] – Texture errors for Spectral Arrow
  • [Bug MC-82819] – Levitating for too long kicks the player
  • [Bug MC-82842] – Multiplayer whenever someone mines the body of another player shakes
  • [Bug MC-82859] – You get a stack of the new arrow upon picking it up on the ground
  • [Bug MC-82873] – Cannot get property on Rails
  • [Bug MC-82874] – When you do /kill with a left arm set it goes to a right arm
  • [Bug MC-82876] – Hide particles not working
  • [Bug MC-82880] – Cannot get property while planting cocoa beans.
  • [Bug MC-82896] – /clear doesn't clear slots other than main inventory
  • [Bug MC-82907] – Signed Book and Quil messed up result
  • [Bug MC-82938] – Enderman missplaced arm + head
  • [Bug MC-83041] – Armor slots in /replaceitem do not work as intended
  • [Bug MC-83143] – Glowing effect does not have team color around armor or held items
  • [Bug MC-83187] – Signs show opening and closing quotes on each line
  • [Bug MC-83313] – Failed to save chunk java.io.UTFDataFormatException: encoded string too long: 65541 bytes
  • [Bug MC-83460] – Tellraw is completely broken!
  • [Bug MC-83623] – Item models break when tools with durability use the Unbreakable tag.
  • [Bug MC-83709] – Scrolling in the "Miscellaneous" creative inventory tab skips one row
  • [Bug MC-83818] – [Resource Pack Bug] Crash when using cull faces with multipart blockstates
  • [Bug MC-83838] – ShulkerBullet NBT gets corrupted when (Owner,) Target and Pos position are equal

Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to bugs.mojang.com. If nobody reports a bug, nobody can fix it!



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