1.9 Snapshot Date Revealed!


Players have been clamoring for a snapshot of the 1.9 Combat Update, and a date has been revealed for its release: Wednesday, July 29th! Now, it's important to note (as per the tweet) that the date is a goal, not a guaranteed release date. It is still promising to have an idea when to expect a possible snapshot! Incidentally, the snapshot's possible date coincides nicely with the Windows 10 release date, making it one of the most update-rich days of the month. Yay!


Just in case you're wondering: the simultaneous launch dates are actually purely coincidence, albeit a cool one!


We have done a crazy amount of coverage on what to expect for the 1.9 update, so finally getting a chance to see some of it in action is very promising! 1.9 looks to be one of the most content-rich updates in Minecraft history, and I'm immensely excited to see it go live! We should have a duel when it does, you and me. Just the two of us! If we do, just promise you won't bring anyone else? Also, don't record it, in case I lose. I might literally cry. In real life.


Now that we have an idea of when the next snapshot might be coming, what are your plans for the 29th?



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