Snapshot "Soon", Not This Week


Many of you have been anxiously awaiting a snapshot for 1.9, and as luck would have it, the wait may soon be over. Dinnerbone recently revealed that a snapshot might be coming out next week, and with it, a look at many of the teased changes for what could be one of the biggest updates ever for Minecraft. Quite a number of things lie on the horizon for 1.9, ranging from combat tweaks and outright overhauls, to entirely new features for The End, dual-wielding (useful for more than just combat!), and loads more.


The last major update - 1.8 - went live on September 2nd, 2014. An approximately similar amount of time lay between the latest 1.7 update, and version 1.8.


In lieu of a snapshot, I leave you with this picture of Grum playing with his melons.




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