What is Coming in 1.9?


Will 1.9 come out at Minecon next week? It just might! Today, we take a look at known features, a few hinted features, and just a handful of speculation about the upcoming Combat Update! A quick look at what is coming:




  • Might include model changes within the NBT data.
    • Would be implemented via resource packs.
  • Will make better use of code so that map/mod makers can create better/new mobs.
    • Same as the block data changes in 1.8.
  • New block type.
  • New unknown dark colored block.
    • Cannot be obtained and does not naturally generate.
    • Has a visual effect on the world.
    • Cannot be used in-game, and is a technical block used by Mojang internally to build generated structures
  • Grass Path
    • A 15/16 block tall grass-like “path”. It features a somewhat similar texture to the grass block.
  • New blocks in the End



  • Subtitles which display for each sound for the hard of hearing/deaf.
    • An example would be “Creeper hissing”.
    • Would have < or > to point in the direction this sound is coming from.
  • Added a left hand.
    • Option to play with the left hand as the main hand.
    • The main hand acts as the right hand did previously, while the other hand may equip an item through a new off-hand slot.
      • The off-hand slot is shown by a shield outline in the inventory.
      • While weapons can be equipped in both hands, a weapon may only be used while equipped to the main hand.
      • The other hand is only visible to the player when something is equipped there.
      • The right click action of your off-hand item is used if your main-hand doesn't have its own.
        • For example, if you have a pickaxe in your main hand and a torch in your other hand, right click places the torch.
      • Items in the off hand and the main hand can be swapped by pressing a key, which defaults to F.
      • Some attributes and enchantments will apply to the off-hand item, while others will not.
  • A new type of dungeon with new blocks and mobs.
  • Added support to rotate and mirror structures.
  • New generated structures in the End, including a tower-like structure, smaller ground-based structures and other islands



  • Quivers
    • Can hold arrows
  • At least 4 new arrow types.
    • The gold colored arrow is the spectral arrow, which is a “utility” rather than being good at hurting.
  • Shields
    • Shown by a black shield outline in the picture.
    • Will be used for blocking instead of a sword.
    • Can be used to attack and defend at the same time.

This wasn't available at the time of upload, but the skeleton animations are actually pretty awesome! Check it out:



Code changes that allow skeletons to draw their arrows now will also allow bugfixes for things like eating two items at once, by accident!