Uni Teaches Electrical Power, Cybersecurity with Minecraft

Players have, since redstone was introduced, compared it to electricity in many ways. Using certain items and blocks, it definitely resembles the structure of logic circuits and power currents in many ways. That being the case, using redstone to teach about those very concepts seems pretty obvious. The University of Illinois agrees, it seems, and is doing just that!


TCIPG Education has created this educational Minecraft world where students explore electricity generation and delivery. Players can build and power their own town. They are able to navigate an environment that includes a wind farm, a solar farm, coal and nuclear power plants, as well as sensors, substations, and other buildings. Students can find lessons that teach them about energy generation. They can also experiment with passive house design as they explore a house that is not connected to the power grid. Password protected substation and home management systems will require players to engage in responsible cyber security practices.


The video is pretty neat, but seeing it first-hand is so much cooler! Want to check it out for yourself? Click here, and you can play on the maps, get tutorials, and a lot more, all in one place!



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