Minecraft HoloLens Demo: It's Not Just an Idea Anymore


Ages ago, Microsoft was talking about Minecraft and the HoloLens, specifically being able to play the game on real-world surfaces, among other things. The idea that a player could have their favorite world open on their living room floor, kitchen table, or outside was a nice one, but hard to wrap one's head around. Today, it became a LOT clearer how it will work!


At E3, a live demonstration of how Minecraft with the HoloLens works was shown, and it is nothing short of mind-blowing. The in-game world was projected on the table on stage, and manipulated in real-time, in front of real people. Nothing I say after this will do it justice, so if you haven't already, click that video above, and prepare to be speechless!


So, now that interactive holograms (using Minecraft, no less!) are going to be a reality, how would you play Minecraft with it?