Community Roundtable: Dinosaurs

Mod in video: Jurassicraft


Maybe it's because Jurassic World just came out, but dinosaurs are seriously on the brain right now. Everything from tiny, adorable sources of food to gigantic super-predators that could make people their food, dinosaurs have been awesome since forever. Maybe it's easier to think of them that way since they're not around anymore! Who knows.


Anyway, I got to thinking: how would Minecraft have been different with dinosaurs added in early in the game's development? There would certainly be new sources of materials in them, not to mention the obvious dangers of huge, lumbering predators wandering the landscape. Maybe even flying dinosaurs - whether as monsters, or as something you could slap a saddle on and ride around - would have made a profound difference. They are game-changers no matter how you look at it.


So what do you think? Would dinosaurs have made the game better, or worse? What could they add to the game, if anything? Would they be out of place in the setting as we know it?



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