Mod Preview: Gliby's Physics


Physics in Minecraft have never really been a thing, as far as blocks are concerned. Sure, it's possible to launch TNT (or players), but in general, most objects are frozen in place when put in the world, and breaking them "drops" them as items. Despite this, countless Minecraft animations have used physics with blocks as a special effect, and it's always been pretty neat to see, if only in video form. That may change soon, however.


Gliby is currently working on a Physics mod - demonstrated above - that will give physics properties to blocks of any type! The demonstration mostly shows off how this would work with explosions and destroyed blocks, but it is still a remarkable thing to see. Unfortunately, the mod is not yet ready for public consumption, but that day may not be far off now!


What do you think? Do physics in Minecraft make it more awesome, or move too far away from its static, blocky roots?



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