Mod Spotlight: Oceancraft (1.7.10)

Mod spotlight video by TheAtlanticCraft


Since my state is currently underwater, I've had ocean-themed mods on the brain. Let's take a look at one today!


Keyed for 1.7.10, Oceancraft offers much of what you would expect from the name: the standard fare of ocean life (seagulls, stingrays, sharks, et. al), as well as some land-based critters. It even has beach-going NPCs! Of course, critters alone do not turn many heads these days, so how about a medley of new tools and environmental changes? Fish nets have obvious applications, but you can also go diving for pearls, get caught in a pool of quicksand, or maybe comb the beach for some shells!


Forget the fish, what about diving gear? Yep, it's there. You can even turn into a fish, with the right items...


If you want to check out Oceancraft yourself, click here!



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