Happy Birthday, Jeb!

Head edited to be slightly less terrifying! -Sach


Today is Jens "Jeb_" Bergensten's 36th birthday! Happy birthday, Jeb!


If you aren't familiar with him, Jeb joined Mojang in November 2010 as a game developer. Starting out as a back-end developer for Scrolls, Jeb became increasingly involved in the development of Minecraft, implementing features like wolves, pistons, and map structures (villages, strongholds and nether fortresses).


Jeb later took the lead position in Minecraft development in December 2011 when Markus Persson stepped down. He has been hard at it ever since (over 3 years now!), and is showing no signs of slowing down. Hope you have a great birthday!




Android users should now have access to the 0.11 beta, ready for testing! Wolves are now eating rotten flesh, and it's possible to fish in third-person, not to mention a huge list of bug fixes!



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