Modpack Spotlight: Pathfinder - Spaaaaaaace


Some of the most popular modpacks out today are hardcore packs; brutally difficult, incredibly complex, and rewarding to players with extreme dedication and nerves of steel. That's awesome, but are there packs for people with a more casual mindset? What about a pack that isn't trying to kill you with every imaginable thing? Pathfinder may be a pack for you, and it's in space!


From the modpack's page:

Pathfinder is a pack about exploration, about seeing the stars, and about seeing what makes those stars work. In this technologically-based pack, you'll be tasked with creating your own dimensions, building them from pieces of code. You'll be tasked with manipulating time and energy, and, most importantly, discovering how the world works.

I've been messing with the pack for a few hours now, and all I can tell you is, if you love space exploration and creating entire worlds to your specifications, this pack is definitely worth a look! If you're interested, be sure to check out the Pathfinder download page, or if you have Curse Voice installed, just search "Pathfinder", and install with one click!


See you in spaaaaaace!



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