Pocket Edition: 0.11.0 build 8 Submitted!


Pocket Edition players, get ready! A new version of Minecraft was recently submitted, and awaits approval for release! There are loads of changes - some features, and a TON of bug-fixes - on the menu for this update. Check it out:


New features
• Added magma cube spawn egg
• Added ghast spawn egg
• Fishing rod now breaks connection between rider and ride

Bug fixes
• Fixed chat button being invisible while in a boat
• Fixed crash when leaving server while riding
• Fixed spawn-egg mobs falling through the world
• Fixed players not dropping their inventory on death
• Fishing from a boat now casts in the correct direction
• Removed redundant dirty queue (increase performance!)
• Fixed enderman spawn egg names
• Fixed quartz block names
• Fixed wrong lava kind spawning in the world
• Fixed hotbar linking to the same item multiple times
• Changed default biome
• Fixed excess tallgrass in savanna biomes (now 50% more giraffes!)
• Improved (re-)spawning, teleporting
• Bedder bet lighting


Expect the update to be available in the near future. We will update as it goes live on handheld platforms.



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