Minecraft Made Simple With Curse Voice


Have you tried out Curse for Minecraft? Curse is now making it easier than ever to customize your Minecraft experience! We're working with some of the best Minecraft modders in the world to make sure your favorite modpacks, resource packs, mods, and maps are available and ready for you to install in mere seconds.


We are passionate about Minecraft here, and we know that finding and installing modpacks can be a pain. (Personally, I manage to break every single pack I install a minimum of twice...) We’ve designed our Minecraft client from the ground up to be the premier platform for customizing your game the way you want it, with no hassle. Install many of your favorites with just one click!


Interested in popular modpacks like Agrarian Skies 2, or one of FTB's many options? How about one-click installs of some of the most popular mods like Thermal Expansion and its addons, or Mo' Creatures? Or maybe a new parkour map? If it’s aesthetics you’re after, change your look with resource packs like Soartex.  With tons of options and creators to choose from you'll never be bored, or frustrated by mod and pack installation again. Give it a try, and let us know what you think!



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