Mod Spotlight: Apple & Milk & Tea

Mod review by Ashley Designs


Looking to expand your food inventory? Tired of nomming on apples? Maybe you want to brew something that doesn't kill you by drinking it? Apple & Milk & Tea adds all of that stuff, and quite a bit more:


  • Brewing System
  • Various Teas
  • Ice Cream
  • Japanese food! (bowls or rice, sake, etc)
  • Baskets with food in them
  • Cool Food Crafting System
  • Random decorations (Piles of wood, tissue boxes, lamps)
  • Drinks!
  • Crates and boxes of different types
  • Jars of Jam or Jellies
  • New village building called a Tea Shop!

Mainly (though not entirely) decorative, this mod will breathe some life into your world, add some color, and round out that room with just the right touches. Consider trying it out today!




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