Minecon Tickets On Sale Tomorrow!




If you have plans to attend Minecon this year, tickets will be going on sale, starting tomorrow (March 27th)! The tickets will be sold on two separate days (the 27th and 28th), with 5,000 tickets per day:


  • Batch 1 sold out in approximately 3 minutes!
  • Batch 2 sold out in under 2 minutes!

Up to 6 tickets can be purchased when availability opens - be sure to have the names of everyone you are buying a ticket for, so they can get in!


Tickets are £129 GBP ($191.62 USD, 174.94 EUR), and can only be bought at this link. Remember, the name on any ticket bought only allows that person entry, and tickets cannot be resold! Hotel reservations will become available once the tickets are purchased, and are reserved for Minecon attendees. Rest assured, if you get a ticket, a hotel will be available as well!


A rather large FAQ on Minecon is available to read as well, if you are curious about what to expect, what there will be to do, and more!



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