CaptainSparklez Plays: Planetary Confinement


Need a new adventure map fix? Can't get enough custom mapped-goodness? Consider giving Planetary Confinement, made by samasaurus6, a try! This map takes you far into the future, having crash-landed your ship on a hostile planet, and very little hope of survival. Can you make it through alive? This map has loads of features:


- 2,000 x 2,000 area map with custom terrain ready to be explored. Loads of secrets to find!
- Unique Hydration and Temperature system which depends on many things such as exposure to sunlight
- Random Events system!
- Grappling Hook!
- Tougher mobs with new mechanics, such as spiders trapping players in webs!
- Over 23 different quests!
- Over 40 custom crafting recipes with an online and in-game crafting guide! (See Crafting section)
- Turrets, Sieves, Deconstructors and loads more functioning blocks!
- Redstone Rifle! (Model created by WeeHeeHee. Downloads in credits)


This map is packed to the gills with features, and needs no extra downloads - just grab it, and play! You can check out the map by clicking here. Enjoy!



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