The Villager Project: Secret Experiments

It's been one week since we last visited the self-contained Villager village - aptly named "Village" by the locals - and so much has changed!

For one, they are still building this ugly thing...

The villagers continue construction on some sort of mystery building back here. It still has no furniture, appliances, or anything else hinting at what it may be for. A few fellow researchers have suggested that they are building a library, museum, or something equally trite. It seems obvious to me that they are building a doomsday weapon. Yes, that's right: the villagers are building their first-ever doomsday weapon! How can this be? Just look at the signs! Different-colored wood? Check. Windows? Check. Stairs? Check. All signs of an apocalyptic device meant to ruin us all.

Silly villagers.

And yet...

Something curious was going on not far away from the mysterious yellow-flagged building - a massive congregation of villagers on the roof of a nearby house. So many of the villagers were talking at once that it was impossible to hear what they were going on about, but they sounded deeply concerned. Strange noises come out of that yellow-flagged house at night: banging, electricity, welding, and something that sounds an awful lot like moaning...

While I fear for our lives, the experiment must continue. There will be no interference!

Meanwhile, in prison...

Ages ago, we stuck a villager in this prison cell, to see how he would handle being isolated in plain view of his peers. It now appears that he has gone completely insane, and has begun standing in his water cauldron. He will stand in this thing for hours, muttering at the wall. Research suggests adding a companion to his cell might alleviate some of this stress, so we will soon be imprisoning another villager nearby, to ease his suffering. Surely that will help!

Next week, we will start digging a tunnel underneath the yellow house, to see what secrets lie inside! Also, I guess we have to check in on that prisoner again, to make sure he hasn't eaten his bed or something.


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