The Villager Project, Day X: A Control Problem

Greetings, fellow scientists! As many of you noticed, the Villager Experiment has been lacking in recent weeks...or has it? You see, I realized it was time for a grander, more expansive experiment than mere zombie races, inescapable pools, and terrifying roller-coasters could provide. Yes, it was time to give the villagers free reign for awhile, and see what they did. Then, turn their blocky little world upside-down...

Unfortunately, leaving them alone for so long had some unexpected consequences. For one, they had apparently taken to creating more of their kind, en-masse:

Seriously, i don't think they ever stopped...

Still, a tiny overpopulation problem was the least of our concerns! Back in the beginning, we set up some controls to keep the villagers unified, and therefore peaceful: flags on every home (so everyone would feel like they were on the same team), and a statue of me in the middle of town, for them to admire, and possibly emulate. So far, the only thing about it they have emulated is standing in place for hours, which is worrying. Nonetheless, the science must go on!

In looking around town, I noticed something else amiss, besides the few thousand newcomers, and that something was construction. Sort of.

The beginnings of evil, perhaps? CAN WE TAKE THAT RISK?!

The villagers appeared to have taken some initiative, and begun construction on some sort of mystery building. While I would love to surround it in cactus, it is important to let the experiment play out naturally, so the results are not corrupted! As to what the new building could be, they left no clues to its purpose, which is a bit rude of them. The least they could have done is put a sign out front, with a brief description of this awful-looking thing.

Earlier, I mentioned that every building in town had a flag - sort of like a town banner - so everyone felt safe, and part of the group. The banner has been the same since the beginning (a red X in a white background), and so far, has served as their symbol of "villager"-ness. Suddenly, I saw something that was certainly not part of the original experiment: a new flag.

A skull? Really, guys?

A new banner is not a bad thing, by itself. Maybe one of the villagers was feeling particularly artsy that day. No, the troubling part is the design they chose, and the new door they put on the building. It's hard to interpret a giant black skull and crossbones as anything but doom, and the new iron door certainly doesn't help. Despite my best efforts, they did not allow me inside this odd little building. Every time I got near it, they would glare, point, and whisper. No matter, we will find a way inside soon! It's probably nothing important anyway.

Join us next week, as we see progress on the new eyesore on the edge of town, and perhaps, some answers about the skull house!


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