Happy Birthday! You Win Minecraft Realms Codes!

Today is the day we announce the winners of free Minecraft Realms codes! 10 of these codes are for 30 days of game time, and winners were selected randomly. One code is for 180 days, and this winner was picked by staff vote. So who are our lucky winners?

  1. haloxmaster
  2. TheSuperEnderCreeper
  3. Enderman967392
  4. bromtheman
  5. maximux12
  6. SparkyWasabi
  7. excuvationmark
  9. Flowerem
  10. Minetimelapser

Excellent! In addition, the winner of the 180-day Realms code is - PuppyBoss1!

Codes will be sent to winners via forum Private Message by me, and will be distributed in the next 48 hours. Thanks to everyone who participated, and keep an ear to the ground...you never know if more codes may come along!



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