Simburbia: SimCity in Minecraft

Check out this gameplay video with Bebopvox! Seriously, Simburbia is insane.

SimCity (not the new one): everyone knows this classic franchise. Build a city, plop down some zones, a power plant, some schools, and the occasional tornado or twelve. Adding a game this complex into the world of Minecraft would seem to be nearly impossible. Oh sure, the blocky, easy-to-organize nature of Minecraft suits itself well to designing towns, but what about power, or water, or zoning? Heck, what about those delicious disasters?

Of course someone put it in Minecraft! Disasters and all!

Jigarbov has put together a project, "Simburbia", that lets you play a SimCity-like city simulator right inside Minecraft! Currently, it's only for 1.8 (you'll need the pre-release, as of this writing), but does exactly what it promises: a city simulator system complete with plot relationships, power grids, overlays, population, money, and of course, disasters. It takes a beefy gaming machine to run this monster, but if you're up to the challenge, this will keep you busy for hours!

Check out Simburbia by clicking here.



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