Snapshot 14w33a is Ready for Testing!

Are you ready for some snapshot? Good, because 14w33a is live! Bugfixes are starting to outpace features in these snapshots, which is usually a good indication that the development version is wrapping up soon. Still, features were slipped in, and here they are:


  • Iron Golems
  • Doors
    • Original wooden door renamed to "Oak Door"
    • Grid images of other doors changed to match existing doors
    • New doors added in 14w32d no longer have their 3D door hole models
  • Splashes
    • "This is good for realms." changed to "This is good for Realms."
  • Stone Slabs
    • Smooth Stone Slabs are no longer craftable from GraniteDiorite or Andesite, or their polished variants


30 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.8
  • MC-29408 – Tab support is not possible with player names when using the /playsound command
  • MC-51856 – Torch placed on half block when placed against half-slab
  • MC-66347 – Beds make incorrect sounds
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-57714 – Placing torches on other torches
  • MC-58740 – Torches can be placed on transparent blocks, technical blocks, slabs
  • MC-61245 – Upside down stairs have hitbox of regular stairs / regular stairs have wrong hitbox
  • MC-63319 – Heads dropped from Charged Creeper explosion ignore gamerules
  • MC-65522 – Tooltip for regular sandstone slab is incorrect
  • MC-65575 – Armor stands float slightly above the ground
  • MC-65790 – If you place a block on two-block-tall plants, it will destroy them
  • MC-65909 – Skulls too small in item frames
  • MC-66163 – Using Pick Block on a colored door returns a regular door
  • MC-66166 – Breaking colored doors turns them into regular doors
  • MC-66169 – Old oak doors still called 'Wooden Door' instead of 'Oak Door'
  • MC-66227 – Helmets can't be taken off of armor stands while flying above them in creative mode
  • MC-66350 – Selecting "Hardcore" prior creating a debug world yields a "hardcore debug world"
  • MC-66413 – Baby bunny's name tags
  • MC-66543 – Fence gates lock closed, and will not open from pressure plate activation
  • MC-66674 – Summoning a FallingSand entity with {Block:"leaves"} crashes the client
  • MC-66791 – Iron Golems do not target Creepers
  • MC-66915 – Only smooth stone should make stone slabs
Don't forget to back up your worlds when testing Snapshots! They can corrupt your saves, and ruin everything everywhere forever, so it's important to have backups! As always, you can test this development version by selecting it in the Minecraft launcher, then running the game as usual. Have fun!


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