New Fences? New Gates?

One thing we saw slipped into the 34b snapshot was the inclusion of new fences and gates, as mentioned by Grum!

There are more decorative options pouring in from the impending 1.8 update, I'm beside myself, making all sorts of plans for banner-covered, armor-stand-guarded castles, homes, and more! What kinds of things would you make with the new fence and gate options?


This week's snapshot is now 14w32d, fixing the following problems:

  • [Bug MC-64425] – Can't place blocks on TNT
  • [Bug MC-64513] – Cannot go upstairs if there is a carpet above a step
  • [Bug MC-65230] – Collision bug when player is moving up a slope adjacent to a 3-high wall
  • [Bug MC-65521] – Armor Stands consume armor in Creative / whole stack of Items
  • [Bug MC-65874] – Existing/Old chests are invisible
  • [Bug MC-65876] – Jungle Planks craft Spruce Fences/Gates
  • [Bug MC-65935] – /entitydata doesn't change the pose tag on armor stands until you relog
  • [Bug MC-586] – Beacon light does not travel through water
  • [Bug MC-34815] – Hearts do not blink when regenerating (Cause identified in code)
  • [Bug MC-59533] – Beacon beam shows but effect is not applied and can't be edited
  • [Bug MC-59889] – Crash when seeing mobappearance particles
  • [Bug MC-63174] – Heads Face Wrong Way in Item Frames
  • [Bug MC-64024] – Crash report (Batching chunks java.util.ConcurrentModificationException)
  • [Bug MC-64188] – execute with relative coordinates commands are forced to the center of the X and Z axis of the block the target is in, not the target itself
  • [Bug MC-64536] – Entities darken when items in frames are rendered
  • [Bug MC-65512] – Pick Block on Double Red Sandstone Slab crashes the game.
  • [Bug MC-65524] – Unable to pick block on armor stand




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