Docm77 Presents: Armor Stand Android - a Real One

I'm going to preface this by saying, the android is real. This is not a video trick, or an animation with low-rez models, or even a mod - this android is vanilla, and it works!

In this video, Docm77 and Wubbi give a hands-on demonstration of a fully operational android, made from an armor stand! He can walk in all 4 cardinal directions, mine any block, and destroy any entity in front of him. He has animated movement and interaction with the environment, such as drawing a sword or pick-axe to cut or dig, as needed. How does he work? How is this even possible? You'll have to watch and see - prepare to have your mind blown!

Looking for a more in-depth explanation? Need to know the details? Check out , which gets into all the gritty details of how this marvelous beast came to life!



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