Mod Spotlight: Enviromine


Are you a player who can't stand how unrealistic Minecraft can be at times? Immune to cold, virtually consequence-free labor, and capable of superhuman feats of lifting starting to get on your nerves? Want a real challenge? Enviromine is about to make you sorry you asked!

This mod is huge, and adds so much that compressing it into a single writing would fill up most of this page. Just to give you an idea, it contains:

  • Hydration (as well as clean/dirty/salty water distinction, based on the biome it comes from)
  • Temperature, which can affect everything from the water you drink, how fast you dehydrate/freeze, and a lot more
  • Sanity: yes, you will hallucinate under extreme stress
  • Air Quality/Purity: no ventilation in your cave home? That's a problem...
  • Enhanced Physics: Floating houses? No support beams? Not anymore! It doesn't just check blocks below your floor, either...
  • More

Yes, you can sweat to death! ...not that I did that...

So just how hardcore is this mod? Well, my first run using it saw me suffocate in a mineshaft while hallucinating a spider eating my head, so take that how you will! Think you've got what it takes to survive this brutal experience? Is being an expert at vanilla Minecraft just not enough? If this is you, then this mod deserves a try!

The Environmine thread includes everyone involved in this ambitious project, as well as critical information for those wanting to include this in modpacks, configuration options, and more. Good luck!



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