Giant Redstone Battle Robot, New Smileys for the Forum

Computers, contraptions, games, traps - people have made loads of things with Minecraft redstone. What I have never seen, until today, is a huge redstone mech. Yes, a working, walking, shooting, terrifying mech.

Cubehamster has created a monster, with over 60 hours of labor, and a ridiculous number of pistons, slime blocks, redstone blocks, and more. Really, nothing I say can do this justice, give it a watch! In the meantime, I'm going to stomp around looking for villages "visit"...


Minecraft Forum Smiley Contest Poll!

  One thing we have been hearing back from users is a desire to see more smileys for the forum. A huge number of them were submitted over time from an equally large number of users, and there are some amazing examples! In fact, there are almost TOO many amazing examples, and we need your help!

   In this thread, we have a poll where you can select your favorite smileys, the winners of which will become usable on the Minecraft Forum! You can vote for more than one, and more than one can win, of course. Specifically, the top 3 will be added to our official list of smileys, forever and ever. What are you waiting for? Vote on your favorite right away!




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