UPDATE! Pocket Edition: 0.9.3 Submitted, Fixes



Pocket Edition 0.9.2 introduced a number of bugs, which prompted Mojang to submit 0.9.3 hot on its heels! Included on the fix list:

- fixed several crashes that prevented from playing in multiplayer
- fixed a nasty bug that on death might hang the game and/or spawn you really up in the sky
- on Android, you can get more than 3 levels of view distance again
- the game now handles when a world is corrupted and not repairable showing an error screen
- Creepers don’t spam weird sounds anymore
- mobs won’t spawn anymore in peaceful, and existing ones will be removed
- correctly despawning entities on clients
- fixed soft shading on wool tiles
- possibly fixed other lock-ups and crashes


Pocket Edition recently saw a seriously awesome update, 0.9.0! Having already been hard at work on 0.9.1, Mojang opted to skip past that version (since it hasn't been released yet anyway), to include a massive list of fixes and improvements before it goes live! Keep in mind, 0.9.2 is not yet public, but should be available in the very near future.

So, what was fixed in this upcoming version?


Bug Fixes

  • biomes were not set correctly causing multiple crashes all around the game
  • fixed the grass color and added code to fix existing corrupted worlds
  • fixed a crash happening when killing a parent with kids
  • worlds don’t stop loading anymore when encountering a Stronghold
  • fixed a crash in the Furnace Screen
  • tiles are not be randomly immune to explosions anymore
  • fixed a possible crash in the chunk streaming engine
  • the game saves events happening before shutting it down more reliably
  • Creepers don’t explode after dying/too fast anymore
  • spiders don’t get stuck on ceilings anymore
  • mycelium spreads correctly
  • fixed the armor screen rendering, it won’t show items that have been worn already
  • entities (and the player) will not enter unloaded chunks anymore, preventing jittering


  • the game spawns way less mobs, and despawns older mobs
  • increased the health of all mobs to PC values
  • low-end devices get a warning when trying to create an infinite world
  • the game will try to fix corrupted levels before giving up now
  • fixed the size of the progress indicator when hitting a block

Bug fixed in 0.9.1 (Apple users will receive these fixes in 0.9.2)

  • Fixed a huge memory leak affecting all devices
  • saving chunks correctly when only block brightness changes
  • fixed a crash when tapping empty slots in the crafting grid
  • fixed monster eggs not spawning mobs when difficulty is set to Peaceful
  • entities on fire don’t crash the game anymore
  • fixed a potential game lock-up when quitting a world
  • single core devices will now show the loading screen too
  • reduced RAM consumption by some ~10 mb
  • fixed a potential crash with Mob Spawners
  • fixed a random crash in the movement code
  • mob spawners save the mob type they have been configured to spawn
  • fixed a crash on application shutdown




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