The New Minecraft Forum is Now Live!


We are very excited to bring you a shiny, new Minecraft Forum! No more broken posts! Better load times! Whiter teeth, and a healthier smile*! Many months of overhauling, fine-tuning, and adjustments, coupled with your feedback, have come together to give you a better experience across the board!

Read up on all the sweet new changes right here, at the FAQ!

Have feedback you want to leave? Tell us about it below, and read more for details!


Minecraft Forum Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions

What is the forum upgrade?

As part of the ongoing effort to improve Minecraft Forum we have been migrated from IP.Board to the Curse community platform, this platform is called Cobalt.

How do I provide feedback?

If you have feedback, an idea or you've found a bug please use the Cobalt Feedback section, or if you'd like to provide feedback privately you can Contact Us or use the Feedback tab on the right side of the page.

My username has changed / is wrong!

Minecraft Forum accounts are now directly connected to the Curse Authentication system, instead of being shell accounts that are "merged" with a Curse account. As part of this change we have a stricter character set for usernames, special characters (such as spaces) have been replaced with underscores. If your name is wrong or you'd like to change it please Contact Us.

Help! My post is broken?

Due to a number of different issues with the IPB post editor it is possible that some posts have improperly formatted BBCode which will cause the posts to render incorrectly on this forum. If you have found a post that is not rendering correctly please Contact Us and we will get it fixed up!

How do I access "My Content" and "New Content"?

An improved "New Content" system has been added to the forum which encompasses both "New Content" and "My Content". To access "My Content" use the "Welcome, {username}!" dropdown, this will take you to the "New Content" page configured to show all of the threads you've posted in, to access "New Content" directly use the "Tools" drop down in any forum section.

Where did my friends go?

The friends system is not available in Cobalt, instead we have an improved followers system. This system allows you to follow your favourite members and get notifications when they post, you can follow anyone you like! To follow a user visit their profile and click "follow". Notification settings can be configured via your account settings.

What happened to the "Contact Forum Administration" section?

To improve the quality of the support that we provide we now provide support directly via the Curse support system, please click here to learn more about getting support.

My posts or signature aren't displaying!

As part of the new software there is a greatly improved spam detection and management system, however by default the spam system is quite aggressive and until it has had a chance to learn what is and isn't spam some posts and signatures will be incorrectly marked as spam. If a post, thread or signature has been marked as spam please Contact Us and we will fix it.

Can I still access the old forum?

The previous version of Minecraft Forum will remain only for a period of 1 month at, this copy of the site is in Read Only mode. If you need to access content on this site for any reason pleaseContact Us.

My post count is incorrect

There are some potential configuration issues with some forum sections, if your post count is not accurate please Contact Us and we'll get it straightened out.

Why does enter create a new paragraph?

Due to the way that the editor works on this platform to create a new line please use shift + enter, and use enter to create a new paragraph.

What is a "Moderator"?

We have renamed "Sectional Moderator" to "Moderator" because the "Sectional" was redundant as we only have one type of moderator.

I contributed feedback during the Beta, how do I claim my title?

Thank you for your feedback, the feedback provided by all of the beta testers has been invaluable! Please Contact Us (include your username) to claim your title. The title is "Cobalt Miner".


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