Minecraft Forum Beta Ending Soon - Help Us Test It!

Try Out the New Forum!

If you recall, we have been hard at work getting the new, improved Minecraft Forum up and ready to go! Loaded with improvements - ranging from post editors that don't eat your formatting anymore, to improved load times, layouts, and more - we think you will really enjoy them! However, we need your help putting the final touches on everything.

Ideally, we want the new forum format to go live next week, but just to be sure everything is in order, we would like you to help us test everything out! Make posts! Edit posts! Report me, and everyone else you see on the beta forum! Anything and everything you can think of to help us make it the very best it can be when it goes live is greatly appreciated. Even better, constructive feedback (positive or negative) could earn you a custom title on the new forum!


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