Minecraft News - Underwater Monuments, Scary Sea Life, and More

Toby takes a set of scuba gear, diving right into this week's snapshot/pre-release double feature! So many sea monsters, so little time.

As a personal aside, I would like to add that I think the new fish mobs are sentient, and more importantly, EVIL. There is a story to this.


So there I was, exploring a seed with an underwater monument nearby. First of all, this thing is HUGE. There is little doubt that an entire village could fit in this thing, nevermind one of the above-ground temples. It's easy to see why it sank, the thing must weigh hundreds of tons! (Being in the middle of the ocean is another possible reason, but I haven't ruled out alternatives.) As I dove in, Creative mode sheathing me like a set of glorious armor, a number of things jumped out, not least of which was the ever-growing number of creepy fish. Oh, it was just a few at first - one or two of them, glaring at me as I swam by, JUDGING MY EVERY MOVE - but by the time I'd had a good look at the new stone, swam/ran a few corridors in, and really gotten a feel for the majesty of the place, there was a cloud of these things following along. I'm pretty sure one of them had a clipboard, and was taking notes.

These fish are just the beginning. Any day now, they will find our shores, and they will invade! No villager will be safe, no pig will be protected, no cow will be covered. These one-eyed horrors are the sign of the apocalypse*, and we must prepare ourselves! Just to be on the safe side, I have begun gathering sponges, to empty the entire ocean.

It's the only way to be sure.


* - Editor's note: fish might not actually be the sign of the apocalypse, or any other disaster. Your fish may vary. See store for details.


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