Help Us Test the New, Improved Minecraft Forum!


Today is a very special day, Minecrafters! We are very excited to invite you to beta-test the new, improved Minecraft Forum! This beta is the final step in moving Minecraft Forum onto the Cobalt community platform, an in-house platform that provides an improved forum experience, a full suite of content management tools, and faster loading times!

So, what does this mean for you? Well, we would like your input! Head over to the beta forum, give it a spin, and let us know what you think! Try out post formatting, searching around, anything you can think of! Upvote your friends! Report me for rule infractions! Test everything! If you would like to leave us feedback - good, bad, anything at all - see below!


If you have feedback to provide, a feature request, or you have found a bug please see the following threads: Every user that provides valuable feedback during the beta will be given an exclusive forum title to use once the site is live!


Cobalt provides a number of new and improved features, this includes - but is not limited to - the following:
  • Member Titles: Earn new member titles and select your member title of choice via My Account > Titles!
  • New Content: Watch as new posts and threads are created with the automatically refreshing New Content feed.
  • Email Digests: Notification spam no more! Notification digests are now available, receive emails only when is most convenient for you, set up your notifications settings via My Account > Notification Settings. Note: during the beta emails are disabled.
  • Follow your favourite content creators and get notified when they make new posts! Keep up with your favourite mod fixes and texture pack updates with ease. Visit My Account > My Subscriptions > Users to manage who you're following.
We would love to hear your feedback on the new forum during the beta phase! Like something? Tell us! Hate something? Tell us that too, so we can make it better! The new forum is all about you, and your opinion matters!


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