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    Also, I think mineshafts should, at least 50% of the time, have a surface entrance. Seriously, how did the miners get down there.....and what happened to them.....oh em gee.,..the skellies....I need to find a texture pack that gives them miner hats!!!!

    They probably blocked off the entrance so it wouldn't be found. :ohmy.gif:
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    I recently found the Phoenix method and I think it's quite nice. Very quick to walk back, aesthetically-pleasing, uncovers almost as many blocks per block mined as straight line mining. Pit mining does sound like a good way to make an interesting feature for building in, though.
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    I'm too lazy to build cities, but if you're slightly less lazy than me and still tempted to make one, I think I have an idea. One thing that has helped a lot on my current project is to include both carved-out "underground" rooms and above-ground rooms built with stone. When you're carving out the underground rooms, you're also collecting materials for the above-ground ones. This probably works best if you like organic-looking buildings and have some interesting rock formations to fiddle with. My tower is on the edge of a very large, deep ravine, and when it's completed the underground rooms will have large windows looking out over it.

    I could see a creative person making some really interesting villages using a hybrid of carved-out and constructed buildings and buildings that are hybrids themselves. It might also help to break out of "builder's block" if staring at a blank slate of grass is getting painful. Lots of writers, artists, and other creatives find it easier to work when they start with a set of guidelines or restrictions (in this case, whatever geography you're working with).
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    I was puttering around in the woods outside my house when a creeper popped out from behind a tree. I was really new and had run into the creeper enough times to be afraid of it, and not enough times to really know how to deal with it, so I started backing away. But it didn't follow me and it wasn't making any hissing noises. Huh? I tried hopping around the creeper but he still didn't attack, just watched me. We hung out for a little while but eventually I had to go do some mining. When I came back, he was gone. I'll miss you buddy; you might not have been very talkative but you were the best staring-contest opponent I could ask for. :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on [Survival]How to survive the first night HUGE TUTORIAL[11/27/11]
    Quote from xatSora

    Thank you for actually pointing out things I should add instead of saying that this guide is stupid or something.

    First of all, +1 to your rep.

    Second of all, these are great points that you brought up. I regret that I don't have pictures, because my minecraft is kinda buggy. Sometimes pictures work, other times they crash the game. I'll try to get some in as best I can. I do think this guide needs a lot of work, and this is just the first full release. Think of it as Minecraft v1.0.0, as it still could have things added and such. I would love it if you would work on a full-on survival guide with me, because you seem to be a good person and knowledgeable in minecraft.

    Unfortunately I've already got a couple projects on the go, and final exams coming up to boot, so I don't think I'd be able to contribute anything major. But if you want some screenshots, just give me a list and I'll see what I can do. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][1.5.1][1.5.0][1.4.2][1.3.2] Not Just About Boobs
    Quote from newcoleco

    I think women shouldn't be ashame about what they have, and I'm not ashame to say that I love to see women in videogames and in real life. I understand your point and I'll think about it seriously.

    But, I've already some concerns about "no boobs with an armor and boobs without armor" and I want to hear your honnest opinion. First, it may increases annoying guys desire to ask to remove armor, but of course this time it will not be just only to see the skin texture. Second, it may not fits for those playing anime characters, with usually the manga style armor that shows the body shape clearly.

    Huh, who said anything about shame? It's just that the design choices of this mod don't make any sense if you're doing it for the benefit of women wanting a female character option, rather than horny kids who haven't figured out how to look up porn yet. My suggestions wouldn't make anyone "ashamed of what they have" because nobody IRL has basketball-sized antigrav Jello tumors attached to their chest.

    If it's supposed to be titillating or a joke, just be honest about it instead of pretending you're doing us a favor. :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on Friendly creeper spotted!
    Quote from ShaunDepro

    Incorrect as I have experienced having one in single player before.

    It's nothing really interesting as if you leave it, it will despawn.

    Yep I had one on SSP once too.

    (I was pretty entertained by it though, at least for a few minutes.)
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    posted a message on [Survival]How to survive the first night HUGE TUTORIAL[11/27/11]
    This is C&C, not corrections, so I hope you don't mind me posting it here.

    Given that this is a newbie guide I think it is worth pointing out, in big noisy letters, that you don't need anything at all to "really" survive the first night, not even glass for a ceiling. You can surround yourself with any solid block and go make a sandwich. If you hear rattling bones or groaning, it's not time to come out yet. Otherwise you can check periodically by removing and replacing a block. This works best if you remove a "wall"/side block as it prevents any nearby humanoid mobs from jumping on you. Sometimes night creeps up on you, especially if you're new, but there's no need to panic if you spent your first day exploring or hopping around pointlessly. :wink.gif: You have similar advice sprinkled in the article already but I think it would be helpful to put this sort of advice up front for the panicky newbie and then use the rest of the guide to discuss more long-term/advisable survival strategies. :smile.gif:

    Some other points:
    • What's a murder hole? I'm not really a newbie (or at least, not enough of one to require a survival guide) and I don't know what this is.
    • Probably worth mentioning that a spider which is hostile towards you at night and spends the night trying to get at you will still be hostile after dawn. This often results in spiders "surprising" me as I leave my small cottage in the mornings.
    • Most players won't have ranged weapons this early. I would suggest avoiding the creeper entirely if possible, or making a sword if you're somewhat confident in your ability to kite. If you mention kiting, I'd also mention how the "creeper explosion" works so the newbie understands that you have to move towards and away in order to kill the creeper before it explodes.
    • How do I know what "biome" I'm in? Some are obvious but others aren't, especially if you don't know what a taiga is. Maybe include pictures, or mention the distinguishing characteristics (snow, trees in water, etc)?
    • I would move or copy the Door recipe up to the spot where you suggest making one.
    • Do saplings drop in Savannah? If so I'd explain how to plant them to make wood a little less rare.
    • Probably instead of talking about mods/cheating it would be a good idea to explain how to get out of the desert ASAP. My reaction would probably be to build a sand tower, turn the view distance up high, and look around in all directions for something that isn't sand, but there might be better ways. You might also explain how to make a bed once you've escaped the desert, since walking all the way back from spawn can be annoying and disorienting.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with having multiple beginner's guides, especially if they cover different material. The wiki guide focuses on general survival but its recommendations may not always make sense depending on where you've spawned.
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    posted a message on You have never crafted one of THESE
    Quote from linkey11

    I've made a few simply for gigantic wood builds, it's pretty much worth it if you're going to be chopping 500 + logs.

    Same here. Great Deku Tree project and way too many diamonds anyway? It's axin' time.
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    posted a message on Search and My Content functions currently not working properly.
    Bummer. If I'm interested enough in a thread to post, I'm (usually) interested enough to check back later for new posts from others, but this bug and the speed of the forum moves makes it tricky to find all the posts I made last time I was online.
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    posted a message on If you push a minecart into a mob it puts them into the cart!
    Quote from enchilado

    It’s awesome when you learn something new about Minecraft! Why be rude to someone just for being excited?

    One time I was building a minecart track at night under a well-lit natural overpass. It was a fairly safe area so I wasn't keeping a real good eye out for monsters. This is my first minecart track so I'm testing it a lot. I'll lay a few meters of track and then make sure it can putter along between the boosters at a reasonable pace. (This was before powered carts.) It's a 2-way system, so all I have to do is put a cart on the tracks and send it back up towards my base, then wait for it to come all the way back. My track is really long and this can take a couple minutes, so I lay more track while I wait. One time I do this and the cart doesn't come all the way back to me. No surprise there, I'm still a minecart newbie. I finish the section of track I'm working on and then head over to the cart to retrieve it and I'm halfway there when...

    I hear a terrible groaning noise. I creep along one wall and try to spot the zombie before it spots me, moving further and further up the line. Eventually I spot my minecart, and its passenger. :Zombie:

    Either he got in by himself, or he got bowled over by the cart on its way down. I'm a bit nervous about this, but after a slow approach I realize he's stuck, and totally harmless. So I give him a couple rides to my base and back before putting him out of his misery.

    The following Minecraft day was spent placing as many minecarts as possible and pushing farm animals into them, then sending them on rides. :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on (1.0.0) GOOD Furniture Ideas
    There are lots of great ideas in here, this will definitely help me decorate my new bedroom. :biggrin.gif: I especially appreciate the planter with the trapdoor. Usually I only put planters in corners because like you say, dirt's ugly and covering it up with a full block makes it too big. Now I can have them in front of my windows. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][1.5.1][1.5.0][1.4.2][1.3.2] Not Just About Boobs
    Assuming you're really going for (relatively) realistic female models, and not really weird porn...

    Breasts should not look bigger in armor, they should look much smaller or nonexistent. Real plate armor flattens the breasts, it doesn't mold around them. In fact, plate armor with "boob cups" would be very dangerous, since it would create a concave surface right over the sternum. Blows would be deflected inwards instead of outwards (as the standard convex plate armor does). Even armor with a significant "uniboob" would be problematic because it would create a concave surface over the stomach.

    I don't think the resolution of Minecraft models is really fine enough for any noticeable amount of jiggly butts or breasts to be realistic. Unless it's the highest breast setting and she's not wearing a bra, which is hard to believe given the high level of physical activity that Minecraftians partake in (mining, heavy construction, jumping off cliffs, etc). Most large-breasted women who live modern sedentary lifestyles will get back pain if they go braless; a Minecraftian would probably be bedridden. I'm not sure exactly what you have for "breast physics", but one 16x16 pixel height of movement is already pushing it.
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    posted a message on This is a weird seed
    Quote from Spellyr

    I've seen a lot of these before. Now on my world i have seen proof that MC staff is devil worshipper. I found an upside down cross!

    How do you know whether the cross is upside-down or you're just standing in the wrong place? :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on [WIP]Animals+ Pre-Release Available
    Quote from Mr. Zeke

    Can you update the mod for 1.0.0? :biggrin.gif:

    I'd really like that too. I haven't played Minecraft in a LONG while and I wanted to start a fresh world so I could awesome-overload myself with all the new vanilla updates AND a lot of cool mods. (You had me at "turtle" and everything after that was gravy really. :biggrin.gif:) But I guess that's tough to do a few days after a major update, oops. :tongue.gif:
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