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    posted a message on Windows Hello Pin Error

    AT launcher works. Thanks for the idea.

    You brought be back nostalgia, I think I last used it in 2019

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    posted a message on Minecraft Machinima Tutorial - Make Your Own Machinima!


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    posted a message on New SkyFactory3 server!!!

    banned items?

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    posted a message on How to record multiplayer videos on the same server

    need a head set for both of you and use discord. better than skype

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    posted a message on 1.14 Mob Discussion Thread
    Quote from L0ST5ILVER»

    I have no opinion on which one I want to see added because it's so stupid how they give 0 explanation about the mobs, it's just visual. I want some incentive to actually vote for one. Not just how they look.

    They also said more info would be given the day off.
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    Quote from AMPPL50»

    They might be planning on adding the other mobs later on.

    I believe in the video they said that the other mobs would be gone forever
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    posted a message on Intensity SMP Season Two! New Members! YouTube SMP! MUST RECORD AND OR STREAM

    Welcome to Intensity SMP Season Two!

    Server Information

    Our goal is to create a Mindcrack/Hermitcraft-style community environment where we can play with other people who love the game. We want to start a season two.

    Our server rules focus primarily on common courtesy, respect, and of course, keeping the game fun and stress-free for everyone on the server. Also we keep the server as close to 100% vanilla as possible, so all game-altering mods are strictly forbidden. Command blocks are not used with the exception of a setup similar to what Hermitcraft uses that doesn't require everyone online to sleep at once to pass the night.

    Recording videos and/or streaming on our server is a must.

    Joining Requirements

    Must be at least 13 years old (some exceptions may be made depending on the quality of your application)
    Must be able to adhere to above common courtesy rules
    Must have or get Discord (we use Discord exclusively) and accompanying headset/mic
    Must fill out form below as a reply to this thread.
    Please only apply if you don't have excessive time commitments to other servers and plan to be an active member

    Server Application

    The following questions give us the opportunity to get to know you better

    Your Minecraft Username:



    Discord Name (if you don't want to make it public you can PM it to me):

    Why are you interested in joining this server?

    YouTube Channel Link: (Can be small even no subs, we accept by personality)

    Tell us a bit about yourself. Hobbies, interests, etc. The more we know, the more information we have to base that decision off of.

    If you have any questions feel free to send me a message
    Don't forget to include your Discord name so I can notify you if you've been accepted to the server!

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    posted a message on SkyFactory 2.5 Beginner's guide -- From start to Smeltry!

    Make more!

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    posted a message on Stupid question which I cannot find anywhere

    Lol whatever ill answer anyway (;

    No, realms is played in the latest release version

    Second. when you reset your world in realm settings i believe there is an option to change the world type.

    - Idan

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