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    I would Like to be whitelisted. I just got griefed in a private server with supposedly not fire and tnt allowed in the game and I got pissed.... I hate griefers. ugh. anyway my IGN is: zumjosh If you like enormous structures made out of cobblestone, glass and other rare stuff... i'm yur guy.
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    Hey everyone.... My name is zumjosh. I love minecraft.... obviously. I'm just looking for a multiplayer server that is dedicated to building cities/architectural monuments. I anjoy being creative and just building stuff on minecraft. here are a few of my creations in survival mode. http://s76.photobucket.com/albums/j22/z ... Minecraft/ Read the descriptions for the fotos and if you like my creations and you think you can use me, just add me on your whitelist and I'll get to building. I am not a griever and I'm not a nuisance. Thanks for reading. :smile.gif:
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