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    Most of the CTM maps (including Untold Stories) are posted to CTM discord.
    Link: http://discord.gg/DQc9k9a

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    Hello, so I´ve recently played Corona Trials and after that the Calamity Canyon. Here is my experience:

    Corona Trials:
    Subjective difficulty: 3/5 -> 2/5
    Died just 2 times, basically always due to my stupidity (lesson learned: never dig straight down even if you think you know what is below you)


    • Absolutely loved the aesthetics of all the zones (maybe except gemlight bog, this one was just too generic and dark for me)
    • Loved the way you implemented enchanting (getting few bookshelves at a time and limited amount of lapis)
    • What I would improve in the future is limiting the access to magma cream (or fire potion in general). With it I was basically able to steamroll through many of the end game zones by completely ignoring blazes.
    • I absolutely hated vexes in the final zones as they were annoying more than challenging. However more on that later.
    • Very much enjoyed the mineral mobs. They brought in a nice change from all the other mobs. Would definitely do more custom mobs in the future.
    • What I would also love to see is more custom items. I loved the shield and the legendary set but was expecting a bit more. For instance you can make the final zones even harder if you buff player by giving him +HP on the gear and it feels more rewarding for the player to see the progression not only in armor points but also in HP value.
    • Since I am completionist I had to find all the emeralds. I have to be honest some in the large zones like aurora valley were just too difficult for any sane person to find :D Would loved some hints hidden or something to help players (just like in Calamity Canyon)
    • Plus points for implementing teleportation between intersections and some other zones as it removed the tedious aspect of running forever.

    Overall extremely fun and amazing-looking map. 4.5 / 5 points ;)

    Calamity Canyon:
    Subjective difficulty: 3/5
    Died 6 times, 5 were surprise "allahu akb".. I mean creepers. The sixth one was being blow by a trap I knew about but still triggered it with hopes of outrunning it...


    • Again, loved the aesthetics. This time the map felt very cohesive as opposed to Corona Trials. This is a good thing in shorter to medium maps (just like this one) but if it were to be larger it would grow repetitive soon.
    • Very much enjoyed custom "infernizers". They brought a nice change into playing maps since you could use creepers to your own advantage. However...
    • Zombies had absolutely ridiculous "reinforcement" rating. Meaning that whenever you hit a zombie it was almost guaranteed to spawn another zombies. As a result infernizer was basically useless for me once I got at least iron sword since if you hit a zombie with it you basically spawned 5-10 other zombies. This was more of an annoyance rather than a difficult aspect of the game and it quite often caused me to just completely ignore zombies instead of fighting them. If you want to make zombies harder I strongly recommend giving them slight speed boost. You would be surprised how much more difficult they are when faster.
    • Love the way you do traps. If the player is careful enough and fast to react he can outrun the trap.. if not, his bad.
    • Also love how you changed evokers to summon zombies instead of vexes. In future maps you can even use phantoms instead of zombies (but that might cause problems inside buildings)
    • I really missed some good items in the final zone. It was both massive and gorgeous place with a lot of dangerous things. People expect a great reward when fighting such a place but basically the only valuable things I found there were the wools (I had fully enchanted diamond gear from the previous zone). For instance in Corona Trials in the last zone, there was a legendary armor that was better than what you could get by enchanting.
    • In this map it was much more enjoyable to look for emeralds as it meant exploring which usually led to finding some other goods. Also the fact that there were more than 9 emeralds helps a lot as you don't have to tediously search for every single one of them. Also loved the little help after finding the last wool.

    Again very well made and thought out map. 4.5 / 5 points again. :-)
    Just a quick question: I was able to complete all advancements (ghast one was fun) except for brewing speed potion 2. How could one find the glowstone dust? I tried to farm witch spawner and even naturally spawned witches for about an hour to no avail. Did I miss a glowstone block somewhere?

    Overall thank you so much for making these maps. I am really looking forward to play your next map. In the meantime: Myriad Caves, here I come!

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