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    posted a message on World's Most Affordable and Best Performing Minecraft Server Hosting | Provision Host
    Quote from CFCParadox»

    Please PM me with your ticket ID and we can look into this further for you. Any overpayments are automatically credited in our system.

    Well, it's been a week with no reply from Archie (Our CFCParadox), which, sadly, isn't surprising; ProvisionHost hasn't replied to any billing questions since June.

    So here's the interesting question: Has ProvisionHost turned into a scam? I know that Brandon Chow sold the company and is no longer involved.

    The ProvisionHost website doesn't list any business contact information; no address, no phone number, nothing to back up the claim of "Canadian based company." Seems like the owner is an American named Ryan Morgan, and there are American employees (Archie, Edward Stone.)

    So it's definitely some kind of business, and definitely has employees, but it's hard to substantiate more than that. It has a PayPal ID and sells data center services, so both of those can be traced.

    I got a goofy email asking me to sign back up with them signed "LibertyVPS Support" That's a Netherlands-based "Offshore Hosting" company. Neat!

    Unless there's a dramatic change, I don't expect a refund of the overpayments, but it would be nice to warn others that ProvisionHost might not be operating honestly. I wonder which regulatory agencies they fall under?
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    posted a message on World's Most Affordable and Best Performing Minecraft Server Hosting | Provision Host

    Sure thing, PM sent with the ticket ID and relevant screenshots.

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    posted a message on World's Most Affordable and Best Performing Minecraft Server Hosting | Provision Host

    ProvisionHost has apparently undergone management changes or had some other severe problem. They've stopped responding to billing tickets. (I haven't gotten a response since 6/18/2015.)

    In this case, ProvisionHost was accidentally overpaid and didn't acknowledge the payment. Instead of refunding or crediting the amount, apparently they decided to either pocket the money and run, or else pretend it didn't happen.

    In either case, it's a shockingly dishonest business practice, and a complete absence of any response to communication for three months.

    Do not go with ProvisionHost, and if anyone can find their business address (since I don't see it on their website), please post it here or forward it to me so I can pass it on to the FTC for regulatory complaints.

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    posted a message on, Long-Running Vanilla Survival
    Re: freeing up old Pioneer for builders: absolutely, that was one of the main goals. That'll take a long time. Also, we will somehow need to create more buildable space, and think about matching projects to terrain. In the very long run, there's no reason to have a giant flat project sitting on top of the older, more bumpy terrain, when it could be sitting on one of the newer flat biomes. That's a much later question, though.

    Re: Quick transport to help Pioneers. There'd definitely be a portal to a new Pioneer world somewhere convenient. Definitely need a good skeleton of a rail system. Should some faster form of getting to Pioneers exist, like teleport? I'm leaning to no, because Pioneer is supposed to be really temporary; just long enough to figure out if someone would work as a Builder. Where we fall down is leaving people in Pioneer forever instead of firmly encouraging them to find a more appropriate server.
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    posted a message on, Long-Running Vanilla Survival
    Progress on things has been kinda slow, and even though our premise is to go slowly and play at a measured pace, we need to move forward in a few ways.

    There's a lot of topics, but the one I'd like to look at first is the Pioneer program.

    Here are some problems:

    - It's a long trip out to Pioneer, and somewhat more isolated than strictly necessary.
    - Pioneer area is getting pretty full and a lot of it is with bad examples that might put off the better new players.
    - It's not scalable and we're limited in how many people we can take on.

    Please suggest more problems.

    One of the things we can do is to make a separate world for Pioneers. The idea is that we'll create a new world with a fixed border and then seed it with some good examples of building to get people started. Then we save that world and make a new copy every so often so we never have a full and cluttered Pioneer area, but several older ones that are gradually retired as people promote to Builder or wander off. Once all the Pioneers in a world are promoted or gone, then take it offline and we archive it.

    Things to build might be:

    - A nice spawn, that's a little more pastoral and spread out than our current spawn.
    - A rail hub and several remote rail stations already connected, that people can add/change as their interest takes them.
    - Some small sample builds that demonstrate desirable qualities:
    - Tasteful, themed design and appropriate sizes
    - Good spacing between builds
    - Appreciation for working with the terrain. (Though the new generator makes a lot of reasonably flat boring areas, so that's harder to do.)

    A few things we might build would be:

    - Some roads and bridges
    - Some simple houses
    - A nicely laid out start to a mine
    - Lighthouses (because we have a fetish)
    - A small city that demonstrates a little more forethought than on most servers: non-rectangular plots, greenbelts, etc.

    What other things should be built as examples to new pioneers? Please suggest some that you'r like to see or build. We'll be inviting people to come into the new world and work on them, as soon as we figure out what should be done and get it organized!
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    posted a message on Quad Vertical Piston Extender
    There are MANY better quad piston extenders out there now, but I posted the first one.

    Here's the original post: 4-high x 8 Wide Raising/Lowering Portcullis

    The part to look at in the old post is the diagram of the required redstone pulses. There are lots of newer designs, but all create pretty much the same sequence of redstone signals.

    Keep looking, and especially, search the forums and not youtube. There's lots of good examples here.
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    posted a message on, Long-Running Vanilla Survival
    Hi all! I wanted to invite some discussion on the topic of resource farms, dark rooms, xp farms, etc. We need to formulate a policy.
    1. What are we talking about?
      1. I'm thinking about any construction that greatly accelerates farming or xp. There's a definite spectrum of creations, some more complex and effective than others. The more powerful or dramatically visible the farm, the more this discussion applies to it.
    2. Why do we need to talk about it? What's the problem?
      1. Resource devaluation; we don't have an economy to destroy, but the "vanilla" feel is lost if a resource is available to everyone in such quantity that its scarcity becomes meaningless. Consider that we have Pioneers build houses that can only be reached by throwing 4 Ender Pearls. The consideration that Endermen are hard to find and kill has been completely destroyed, and we no longer offer that part of the vanilla experience to new players. In effect, as far as Ender Pearls go, we've failed the primary server charter to offer an "As-Vanilla-As-Possible" experience. The same goes for sharing access to easy XP or any other effort-intensive resource.
      2. If a farm is "Public Use" then it creates a strong disincentive for other players to build/create/invent their own farm for a similar purpose. In effect, only one player got to enjoy that building part of the game, figuring out how to make a farm or carefully following instructions online. That experience and challenge is more likely to be denied to other players, because someone has already done it for them.
      3. Egregious ugliness. There's years worth of careful, elegant buildings that we've preserved for 2.5 years now. They shouldn't share the same map with giant floating rectangles. Part of the promise we make to players is that they can play at a slow pace and come back to find their creations intact, partial or complete. Part of "intact" is the context in which they were building: a world free of giant floating rectangles. We have a world that's meticulously free of architectural nightmares and the whole point of having Builder privilege is to preserve that sense of aesthetics.
    3. What to do about it? From here on out, these are just my INITIAL OPINIONS. Please discuss.
      1. We should not going to ban or destroy people's creations, including resource farms. We need to find a way to let the technical creativity and accomplishment co-exist with maintaining the As Vanilla As Possible gameplay and aesthetic qualities that are what distinguish this server from the rest of the world.
      2. I'm inclined to allow any resource farming that isn't a blatant exploit of a bug.
      3. I'm strongly inclined to NOT allow sharing of farms beyond very small groups, and definitely not with new players. Everyone using a farm should have somehow contributed significantly to its creation.
      4. Making giant farms not ugly takes a prohibitive amount of effort. Probably some kind of admin intervention will be needed en route to having a better plan for how to handle aesthetics. Possibilities using Xit's island tool to eventually move them out to "ugly islands" that visitors cannot reach, or carefully moving them underground, if possible.
    No immediate action is planned, but I think we should figure out a long-term policy for how we want this aspect of the world to work. Please add thoughts!
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    posted a message on Automatic Railway / Railway Crossroads
    The short answer is: Yes, there's lots of ways to make a 4-way track junction, a lot of them discussed in older threads on this forum.

    A couple questions are:
    - How do you want it to be controlled: Should the rider stop, then select a destination, then be routed to it? Should they have decided where they want to go before getting in and have that selection sent to the junction?
    - Does it need to work in SMP? (handling multiple riders, avoiding redstone timing that depends on player position, etc...)

    One of the most common solutions is just a simple circle of track that branches off in four directions, with redstone controlling which branch is active.
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    posted a message on What happened to redstone!?
    Quote from QuadroMan1

    I wish they'd just leave Vanilla Minecraft be, I wonder if the calculator I built is even considered "Efficient" anymore

    Heck no! Adding new stuff to redstone is great! All the "super compact" circuits I built using only torches and wire were obsoleted by repeaters, then again by piston logic, etc. Each time it's like finding a new Christmas present hidden inside last year's toy.

    New vanilla content means you get the fun of puzzling out new ways of doing things with different tools, all over again, and for free! Thanks Mojang!
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.5 Automatic Storage Design - An Overflow Free System! TUTORIAL
    Quote from MaximalTales

    That's pretty cool, but how would you connect all this to a single hopper line? Right now there is two hopper lines on top of the chests, that not very handy and the only way I can think of to link those lines together would take a ­ ton of hopper and would make to process of filling the chests extremely slow. I like how the chests are set up, look great from the storage room and its pretty compact, but not very survival friendly.

    Adeilt's picture omits the top level of my version of Live__AI's design, where each side is one hopper line. You'd need to bridge one side to the other at the end, but when you're already sorting several dozen items, the extra hoppers to connect the two lines won't be a large relative hit to speed and cost.

    For my survival version, I had the two-item-per-width design wrapped around the outside of a large room, for 80 sorted items, with the first step rejecting snowballs, so they can't get into the system and mess up the sorter chests.

    The denser storage is more survival friendly because it compresses more capacity into a smaller space and needs a smaller building to house it. Speed isn't really an issue because all you really want is to dump an inventory-load of items into it, walk away, and come back with it all sorted. The biggest limiting factor to throughput will always be the speed of the first hopper emptying the input chest. The rest of the system processes items as fast as they come in, with a fixed delay for items farther down the sorting line.
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    posted a message on Grizdale's Analogue to Digital signal converter
    Neat! Thanks for posting screenshots and not video.

    I just used it to decode a random power-level generator. Maybe I'll replace the old Magic 16-Ball demux with something based on this, which seems to be a lot smaller than any binary decoder.


    I think the lack of responses is more a symptom of the redstone forum going downhill a bit than any shortcoming in the post. I see far fewer well thought-out schematics or screenshots and a lot more unnecessary youtube videos.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.5 Automatic Storage Design - An Overflow Free System! TUTORIAL
    Quote from Live__AI

    I was really impressed, as it's the first time someone points out this big flaw.
    So I tried making a 1 wide tileable design that would get rid of the overflow, this is the result:

    1st points backward, 2nd shouldn't point to any other hopper, 3rd points right, 4th points backward, 5th points down or right.
    The 1st hopper, as usual, is the one that makes all the items flow above the filtering hoppers.
    The 2nd hopper, as usual, is the one that takes the desired item from the 1st hopper.
    The 3rd hopper unlocks when the 2nd takes items as usual, but it also functions as junction.
    The 5th hopper takes the items from the 3rd and stores them away before items can flow in the 4th (the 5th also locks but it doesn't matter).
    The 4th hopper gets items only when the 5th is full and sends this overflow away to get eliminated or what ever you set up at the end.

    Great design, and I especially appreciate that you posted it as a simple annotated drawing and not as a video. I also appreciated being bludgeoned over the head with how analog redstone creates new circuit possibilities!

    Anyway, Live__AI's awesome design can pretty trivially be placed face-to-face to get two items sorted per 1-wide unit. This would make it simpler to flow down to a chest arrangement with 2 vertically stacked chests per 1-block width, halving the size of the final storage room!

    The arrangement is identical, except that the top hopper (hopper 1 from Live__AI's diagram) now points either sideways or away, plus a hopper in the middle, so the top row forms a zig-zag pattern.

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    posted a message on, Long-Running Vanilla Survival
    Since we don't really need a full-blown discussion forum, go ahead and post anything related to the server here. That way your comments will be preserved. The admins will see them here and you won't have to try to match schedules to find a particular person online.
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    posted a message on, Long-Running Vanilla Survival
    Defenestration is a small server catering to casual, mature players who want a stable environment for long-term individual or collaborative projects. We aim to be a publishing house and display area for creative, elegant and technically innovative works. Minimal moderation, a slow pace of recruitment and frequent backups create a low-stress, quiet atmosphere.

    Defenestration has been active using the same map since December 2010 and despite being small, it enjoys a quietly committed support admin/player team of professional programmers and sysadmins who have helped the server weather host outages, plugin system changes, update-related problems and griefing attempts while preserving content.

    This server is a place for:
    • Long-term building projects with no time pressure from rapid player turnover.
    • Creating designs and sharing/publishing them. We appreciate innovators and welcome them.
    • Small groups of players to collaborate and interact online.
    • Mature players who know what they want from the game and don't need a moderator.
    • Families and friends to play together in a safe environment.
    • Visitors and tourists! (Everyone is welcome to look around.)
    It's not a place for:
    • Building giant letters, most pixel art or obscenity.
    • PVP: We're all pretty cooperative-minded people.
    • Creating a town for lots of residents. We recommend MinecraftTunnel for that!
    • Aspiring moderators/admins. We don't really need any!
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    posted a message on Claiming a Server
    Quote from zorac

    I'm having the same issue. I've had the claim token in the MOTD for about a week, but the claim hasn't been processed.


    I can't find any responses or announcements regarding this issue for the past 30 days. There's not even a "there are some issues with the claiming system, and we are working to resolve them" notice on the server lists or claim pages.

    It seems safe to say that problems with the server claiming functionality are not currently being addressed.

    I guess, remove the token from the MOTD and move on?
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