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    posted a message on how do you make minecraft seeds?
    You can use a seed from here or invent one of your own when you create a new world. I don't know if there's any pattern to what in a seed is responsibe for what quality in the world.. for instance, I'm looking for a seed that creates dramitic mountains. And I suspect a seed from before the latest update will not produce the same results in the new v1.2. Also, someone might find something they love in a seed but just because you use it doesn't mean you'll see it. It could be "miles" away so coordinates are important.
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    I had high hopes for the Endermen... perhaps they might finally be a mob that could pose a real threat to our bunkers/castles/forts whatever. But as long as we don't look directly at them, they pose no threat.

    I'd like to see them have more capibilities... to move more types of blocks, and to be more aggressive in certain instances. For instance perhaps they'll try to retrieve Ender Pearls whether we carry then or if they are stored in our shelters... but, to make sure they're not there's 100% of the time, they'll leave at daybreak. To make sure they don't come from great distances to attack, perhaps they'll only "sense" a pearl, or whatever, from 30-50 blocks.
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    I was really looking forward to the Endermen... finally a mob that could pose a threat to what barriers I constructed. This was what I hoped the rumored Zombie Siege would be. But when I finally got 1.9.R3 I found out the capabilities of the Endermen had been reduced to moving just a few blocks. WTF

    I've bumped into a few Endermen and now find them to be a worthless addition to MC. They COULD have added a new dimension to the game but they just lack the capabilities. I build a pillar of sand... they stand like idiots at the bottom. I build a cobblestone fort... they stand like idiots outside. What's the point?

    GIVE THEM SOME CAPABILITIES OTHER MOBS DON'T HAVE!!! Let them dismantle what we construct. Let them last longer into the day. Let them leave trails of purple stars so we have to fear they're around. Have them want to retrieve enderpearls. SOMETHING!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!
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