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    Hello, im making a minecraft roleplay. and i need help with something.

    If youve been in the roleplaying game for a while, theres a 99% chance you know about aphmau.

    aphmau uses a mod called blockbuster, and the program called blender to make her 3d ears on her characters. i want to use the same method but with 3d hair. just to see how it might look.

    my only problem is it requires uv unwrapping on the program blender, which i dont know how to do. i already made the model, set up the mod, everything except uv unwrapping, its all i have left.

    ive tried all tutorials, everything. it wont work. i dont know if the problem is me or not. i need someone to work in my team as an uv unwrapper. someone that can do it to my 3d hair models, and everything else i might need uv unwrapped since you can use this method to make custom items too.

    please apply if you know how. its also only on blender v2.79.

    obviously yes, its an unusual job, but i really, REALLY need someone to do it.

    13-15 year olds accepted, thanks !!

    the roleplay is about a girl that lives in medieval times, then an incident happens that makes her freeze through time, and wake up in the 21st century. where 2 highschoolers have to show her modern life, etc.

    i need writers!


    must be 12-14 years old NO EXCEPTIONS

    must be active, the script for the whole series needs to be done before next summer, because thats when we'll start shooting. so if you cant handle it, dont apply.

    we need multiple writers

    must know script writing format, if you dont, look it up.

    must have and be able to run google docs

    must be open to suggestions and changes, and take criticism pretty well.

    if you meet all these requirements, or you want to be my uv unwrapper email me @[email protected]

    if youre trying to be a writer, send me a script prompt in SCRIPT WRITING FORMAT
    thanks, bye !!

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