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    posted a message on Can't use buttons
    In creative, you can't use buttons because they break too easily. Anyone found a way around this?
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    posted a message on Any suggestions
    Does anyone have any useful or cool devices with redstone that they can tell me so I can try to build it? I have been trying to find something that I can build because I can't think of anything. It can be challenging or simple, I just want a redstone project to work on.
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    posted a message on T Flip flops?
    So I was making a 7-segment display and counter with redstone and I got everything finished but the counter. But when I made my t flip flops, they seem to not work right. Whenever they toggle, they flash before they do so it flashes 2 times instead. I have put everything in the right spot. Does anyone else have this problem and what can I do to fix it?
    Posted in: Survival Mode
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    posted a message on CANT CONNECT
    Whenever i try to connect to my friends' multiplayer servers it will say "Connection refused:connect" or "end of stream". Does this mean that they need to update for the patch, or is it just my connection?
    Posted in: Legacy Support
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