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    posted a message on Looking for some server owners to test something
    It's not your file, rather mcf doesn't allow that type of link.

    Basically the ID returns back your image however doesn't give a .png sort to say.

    For example compare your image link, and the link i gave you.
    Yours has .png while mine doesn't; I'm looking for a way to fix it atm.
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    posted a message on Looking for some server owners to test something
    Current Image Extension isn't allowed, hmm. Time to find a solution!
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    posted a message on Looking for some server owners to test something
    So i need some mc server owners that want a banner that shows basic info such as server-name, ip, and # of players online.

    I'm new to php so i wanted to create something that I always wanted when I had a server, and this is just a project to improve my skills. (Used the Phoenix API, first time using an api :)

    How it will work:
    You give me your server name, ip address, username(if none is given i will use your mcf name), and if you want a custom background image.
    I will give you back an ID with a link to my site which will return your banner.

    If you want a custom image, it will have to be 468x60. By default it will be a blue background using the monofonto font. I can host the image if you would like or you can link it to me. More details available upon request about using a custom image

    Currently there is no UI, so all information must go through me.

    This is my first project with php, so any constructive criticism would be appreciated.
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    posted a message on Explain this PC witchcraft!
    For the IE issue: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/967896

    For the whine noise, it is probably something hardware related in which you will have to pay attention to where it came/comes from and proceed from there.It can be the PSU causing the issues which according to the internet, causes issues similar to that.

    I may be wrong, but it's worth a shot.
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    posted a message on Looking for some players.
    Alright, so i currently have this private server with an ok map. I made the map in world paint, etc...

    I'm currently on it alone, just building. I'm not the best builder in the world, but all i want to do is populate the map with buildings and to do that i need a few more people. I honestly don't really care what you build as long as its not smaller than 6x6. I don't care about style, i just want the world populated with people's works of art. Of course you will be granted certain tools such as world edit, voxel sniper, etc..

    I'm currently not looking to create a public server, rather a simple private server where i can create whatever i want. However if the time comes and we decide to make it public we will make a great server by having a website, complete custom design, thread design, etc...

    A little about me: I'm a computer nerd. I'm web/graphics designer and am knowledge about a lot of stuff that you probably wouldn't expect me to know.

    There is no application format, so you're free to post how you want; but if you are copying/pasting the same application, I will simply deny you.

    Thank you for your time,

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    posted a message on Looking For A Great Host
    What I'm Looking For: A great host with great up-time, no lag servers, great server specs, etc...

    Amount I Want:
    I'm looking for over 1Gb (So please quote for 1-3gb of RAM) of RAM with quarterly payments.

    Budget: I don't have too tight of a budget, if your have a great reputation for your services, i'd be willing to pay more. (If your relatively new, then i'd pay less)

    Note: I'm a Web Designer so i was also looking into the possibility of lowering the price of the server in exchange for services, such as WHMCS Integration, MultiCraft Integration, etc... I can also do a complete web design although that would have to be an equal/close trade. (I'm not talking about a website design in exchange for 1 free month, like c'mon....)

    Thank You,

    Feel Free to either leave a reply, or a PM.
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    posted a message on Shoe Homework-Finished Design-Thanks Everyone!
    I did the survey as well :)
    Pot'o Gold.
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    posted a message on Do you approve of cheating or hacking?
    I do approve of cheating or hacking on some level. When it comes to videos games, i do approve of it; if and only if it is being used to determine exploits that can be patched. Not everyone hacks a games or cheats on one to ruin other people's live, rather to simply improve a game they like. Beyond games, i still approve of hacking; For example, Security systems need to be hacked into with permission (You can actually pay someone to test your own security system) in order to test the venerability of the system and to further more improve upon it. I do disapprove of most things that are done for financial gain, however if its for non-financial gain, then i will probably approve of it.
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    posted a message on PermissionsEx Problem
    I believe that Pex can use a flatfile or a database; based off: [WARNING] Unknown Server implementation being used!
    Your config file (Not your permissions file in which it has all the nodes) may not be properly configured.
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    posted a message on Looking For A Co-Owner.

    My name is zlRadio and today i create this thread in hopes of finding a Co-Owner for a server i would like to make.

    Information about the server:

    To be honest, i don't know what type of server i would like to create rather i simply want to make one that is different. I was thinking something along the lines of a Freebuild server, with a very tight community. When i say tight community, i'm reffering to a community in which we simply become close friends.

    Type of Co-Owner I'm Looking For:

    I'm looking for a responsible Co-owner with very good knowledge of almost everything and can do quite a lot

    About Me:

    I'm a very knowledge a variety of different fields which grasp into minecraft and other areas. In terms of minecraft/bukkit, i have run quite a few servers throughout the years which means that i know quite a lot about setting up servers (Including setting up permissions, configs, MySQL, Plugin WIs). I am also a graphics designer in which i have a lot of knowledge of Adobe products which include Photoshop and after effects (Which means that i can make the server graphics where needed). I'm also somewhat of a web designer as i know HTML/CSS in which i usually end up creating a website in Photoshop then transferring it to HTML. Also, when i say i transfer it to HTML, i'm not referring to using the Slice tool in which it will create a table and fill it with pictures. Rather i will do it straight up, using Dreamweaver or a text-editor. I also have good knowledge of Linux in which i can run a Linux server, install the needed software which may include a webserver, harden it, etc...

    What I already have for the server:
    I own three domain names that we could use.
    I have a 2Gb/2VSwap VPS (I got it on a special from StormVZ/WebPhase)
    I have a lot of time to give as i'm on most of the day.

    You create it in which ever way you want it, if its three pages long; i'll still read it. The more detail the better.

    You can post it here, or you can pm your application to me.

    Please provide as much detail as you can, i don't like short applications.

    Sorry if there are any grammatical errors, i'm only human.
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    posted a message on Visual Basic Corrupted Jarfile
    Alright so i googled this: My results

    You may want to try something like:
    My.Computer.Network.DownloadFile _
    ("http://dl.bukkit.org...craftbukkit.jar", _

    I don't know if this may be relevant or not but:

    From making bukkit plugin when i would go to create a folder i would generally do something like
    new File(this.getDataFolder() + "\config.yml");

    I'm assuming this (Above) from just this part:
    My.Computer.Network.DownloadFile _
    ("http://dl.bukkit.org...raftbukkit.jar&quot;, ------>folder & "\" & name & "\craftbukkit.jar"<-----)

    In which i think your just messing up with where it saves exactly
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    posted a message on Visual Basic Corrupted Jarfile
    Quote from dylan1951


    Read Carefully...

    I am creating a program in visual basic that should let you create a minecraft server. But.. When you run the server that visual basic created the jar is always corrupted.

    Here is the code i'm using to download the craftbukkit.jar:

    My.Computer.Network.DownloadFile _
    ("http://dl.bukkit.org...raftbukkit.jar", folder & "\" & name & "\craftbukkit.jar")

    Thanks, Dylan

    You got the direct link right, which for some reason people can't get.
    You might also want to upload it elsewhere in which you can download it directly as well.

    I'm not expert in visual basic (So i may be wrong about this) however it seems like your creating a directory like this "\\craftbukkit.jar" instead of "\craftbukkit.jar"
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    posted a message on HEY thats my server name! name trademarking?
    I would simply suggest to change the name of your server.
    Its not that hard to change a name or title, in which you can create or make a better one.

    The name is trademarked, which means he owns the name and can sue you for using it without proper consent.

    To save your self from any legal trouble, just change your server name.

    However, if you know that the ex-admin isn't Edited Out, then they can get in trouble for impersonating another person in which they can get into real legal trouble.
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    posted a message on Odd inability to connect
    Try using "localhost" as the ip and tell us if that is your answer or not.
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