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    "I see you like your skinn, Vaporized"
    (Agrail raises hes staff and charges it with energy)
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    Quote from _Maximus_

    ((Didn't I just fall on top of you))

    ((srry i was typing a long time and i fixed it))
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    "we will split them 45/55, and if not, i will turn this place by myself and ull get nothing! anyways you really have no choice, sense you cant carry all these souls on your self, sense you will explode. and to acces your souls storage in hell you need a hell hole, so... anywas we need a head quarters where we and other members will meet. any sejestions?"

    (agrail got knoked by that dude above me)

    "who are you mortal?!" (as he pushes him off the lizard and gets on it) "You have 3 seconds to answer me, then ill consider to vaporize you or not!"
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    "me? im collecting forces to take over this dumb. what do you say, you make a deal with everyone, then, they all get killed by "acidents"? my further plan is to turn this place to a hell hole, and all those spirits are giving me a good advantage, sense they are just lost souls. so, you with me Joshua? Oh and the lizard is a close friend of mine, he is faster then walking on foot, belive me."

    Quote from NeoWolf12

    ((Oh yea I forgot to add this to the intro but in this universe there are 8 gods .The God of Earth, God of Fire, God of Water,God of Air, God of Time,God of Space, God of Life, and the God of Death. The God of Death is the true leader of hell not even any of the demons know about the God of Death except through legends and rumors.))

    ((so its like no one knows if he exists or not but he does? and he does nothing? OR you could make so that they all exist just caged. and they really do nothing. But if they are set lose they will fight each other and try to take over the planet for themselfs. what do you say?))
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    "ooh, a demon, what you seek here in this dump Joshua?"
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    Agrail's jorney led him to the Old Citadel "Hmph, looks nice, but there are too much peope here right now." some gang members get out of a building.

    gang member: "hey looks guys! a clown ridin a lizard!" (they laugh)
    Agrail: "a clown? you do not know who speak to mortal!"
    Gang member:" oh and what are you going to to about it? cry? you gonna cry?"

    Agrail hurls some mibi-fireballs at them the entagles them in lightning imued roots

    agrail: "oh look, its seems like you are not so thought any more"
    gang mamber: "Please! let us go! we are sorry!"
    agrail:" sorry? well i do not accept your sorry. what are you going to do about it? cry? you gonna cry?"

    then he squizes them with the root and strays deeper into town seeing Joshua
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    Quote from Boourns221

    Character Name: Joshua

    Minecraft Forums Name: Boourns221


    Race:The Yellow-eyed Demon

    Bio: He was born in a desert much before the New citadel was created and,being a demon, doesn't age. He is the yellow eyed demon,capable of making demon deals and is more powerful than the average demon. His goal is to have the world ruled by demons and himself on the throne.But for that he needs a special person........

    Personality:He is pure evil,plain and simple. He is also cunning and sly,like a fox

    Appearance: http://cache.gawker....turalazazel.jpg

    Location of Birth: A faraway desert

    Theme Song (This is optional just copy and paste a link to the song for your character):

    ((Im leaving the bio a bit empty so I can make some up later))

    ((azazel? you took my idea! xD btw i think that we might just go around together sense im playing as a demon to(no crowley here, someone else, see my app)))
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    Quote from Gunia

    Character Name: Viola Streamer

    Minecraft Forums Name: Gunia

    Gender: Female

    Race: The Butterfly Dragon

    Bio: Viola had appeared in a village mysteriously, found sleeping in a bush. She was soon adopted by a young couple, who raised her the best they could. She lived with the couple for a while, but it was soon apparent that she was no normal girl. Plants flourished around her, and animals had a sense of calmness when they were near her. People started to get suspicious, and began to ask questions. 3 months after she had appeared in the village, she left. No one from that village ever saw her or heard from her again. The only thing she left was a short note to the couple that adopted her. It read:

    Thank you

    Viola now roams the forest, doing her best to do what she was created for. Protecting nature.

    Personality: Viola is sweet, timid, and curious. She'll usually keep out of other peoples way, unless she catches someone abusing nature in any way. She will then assume a large dragon form, and do everything in her power to stop whoever was abusing nature.
    Note: She cannot assume this dragon form by will, it will only happen if she finds someone abusing nature.


    As The Butterfly Dragon
    In this form her body is about 6 inches long, her wings about a foot long, and her tail around 1 foot 6 inches long.

    As The Larger Dragon
    In this form a full grown man would only reach to around the middle of her leg.

    As The Human Girl
    In this form she is about 5 feet 4 inches tall, and looks around 14.

    Location of Birth: Mystic Forest

    I reccomand you this as theme:

    Quote from Absol

    Character Name: Sari

    Minecraft Forums Name: Absol

    Gender: Female

    Race: Dog/Wolf Demon

    Bio: Born to a family of pups, Sari was thrown out by her owners after she accidentally killed her mother after being kicked. It wasn't her fault. She got angry. She had turned into this wolf, and killed the first thing she saw. Which happened to be her mother. She didn't mean to kill her. It just happened. She was thrown out, so she went looking for another place to live. Soon she came across a forest, and eventually settled down to live. She normally hunts birds, but occasionally she will be able to bring down a large deer.

    Personality: Shy, Weary, but Brave when needed

    Dog Form:
    Wolf Form:

    and you i reccoman this:
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    ((DUH, i read the opening...))

    AS agrail got out of a cave in some misterius forest hes lizar hisse. "what do you sense my friend? what i sense is that this place is no good for a start of Ur-Tera ((Oh yes, Agrail wants to make a demon outpost on Genesys)) we need a more, clear place." as he hurls a fireball to the sky and starts going west.
    (dun dun-dun dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun dun-dun dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun...(in short theme song plays))
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    Character Name:

    Minecraft Forums Name:


    Dark Elf - Demon

    Agrail was born a few kilometers above hell, as an Elf. But hell still reached him and made him half demon. Having the power of a Dark elf and a demon gives him very strong powers of magic, dark, fire, illusion and conjuration. He has a very large soul. When he reached the age of 8 he started training hes magic, and in age 20 he reached the full potential of the powers he was born with. later on he started to learn light, earth, water, air, lightning and nature magic. he left hes tribe in the age of 100 because everyone thought that he is too dangerous. Overcome be anger he burned hes tribe to the ground and left nothing of it. after that he crafted himself some demonic armor, tamed a giant lizard and started to jorney around the world for unknow reasons. and nobody have really saw hes face.

    Agrail is not patient, or very happy with everything. he never gets off the lizard, but he can walk. he is easly enraged. WARNING: do NOT try to foll this guy! cause if you do and he finds out, you wont be happy! ;)


    Location of Birth:
    In the depths of the planet

    Theme Song (This is optional just copy and paste a link to the song for your character):

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    posted a message on I can't get in my server...
    well, i dont have advice, but in the server i am playing it allso has the same problem. i think the problem is with the new build.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Homing Weapons v1.0 - No more aiming
    mod looks good! :D
    allso i liked your post design, more users should use this type.
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    posted a message on What would you ADD to minecraft? Anything you want.
    music loops for biomes
    birds, horses, ghouls
    dark and holy biomes
    wirless redstone
    and some other then apple fruit trees
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    Is that a trick question?
    yes this game is (allmost) PERFECT! you can do here whatever you want! there is no other game that allows you to actually chose what you want to do. here you can do EVERYTHING your mind ever thought of! this game has no actual limit! it allows you to chose what kind of game you want to play, if you want to survive, or just build for your fun! there are no actual words that explain this game! and think of all the other auditions people do to this game! (mods) and the game itself is still in development! and there more secrets in it then you have ever thought of! this game made a wonderful ghost story that you couldnt have made in any other game!(herobrine) but the best of all are the features! the wiring! the systems you can make here! people made FREKIN' COMPUTERS IN THIS GAME!

    in short... this game is awsome and worth every second i play it!
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    NOTE: I dont know/care if anyone made something similar to this before, but I thought about this challange BY MYSELF. so please dont go all "what a ripoff" "you cant think of something by yer self" "herp derp i saw it before" because i dont care and you will just waste your precius time and i will devour your soul if you will. and so to the challange...

    Stronghold of the Great Orc
    In this challange you play as an Orc!A green skinned brute thats thinks of nothing but to eat and clobber something. BUT, as proggres goes on you will become more intelegent, creative and maybe a bit more friendly. ;)

    GOLDEN RULES: (these are the rules that no matter what you will NOT break them)
    1) NO cheeting! (aka xray,TMI, Singleplayer commands, ETC...)
    2) NO creative! (or mods that allow you flight)
    3) NO interfiring with nature! (which mens you do not use mods that allow you to change night/day or change mob spawns)
    4) NO peacefull! (you are not a noob! are you?)
    5) NO sucide! (a proud Orc will NEVER die outside of a battle field!)
    6) play on HARDCORE! (unless on a server)
    7) if o na server, ONLY technical mods and MCMMO are allowed! (technical mods = lockette, i conomy, ETC)

    1) you MAY play in a server
    2) NO swimming
    3) if you see a village, RAID IT!!!
    4) stay away feom mushroom/jungle biomes
    5) NO bread, melon or any other food that is not meat (except ACT I)
    6) NO colored wool! (Orc: "I like pinky-winky!!!" now imagine it...)
    7) NO sleeping! (a proud Orc will allways stay on guard!)maybe just onece -_- )

    *you main challange is to make a stronghold and be more intellegent! (seince the humans have allready left to outer space and now conquering the univers for theyr own good! why they can?! why cant we? the proud nation of the orcs will cleans humanatey from this universe!!!)

    ACT I: learning the ropes! (Orc: whats a "rope"? what is "learning"? what is "what"?!)
    1) get wood! (you are an orc, NOW THINK LIKE ONE! :P ) about 5 stacks is good to go!
    2) get stone! (saddly there isnt any weed in MC :P ) about 5 stacks is good!
    3) get some thing to eat! (nothing to say about that :( ) dont kill animals though)
    4) make a work bench, an oven and a double chest! (ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY!!! :o )
    5) make some basic tools! (cobble stone MAX! you are not THAT advanced yet! ;) )
    6) find something to kill! (ANYTHING but animals, youll need the later)
    7) find a cave to live in! (what? you excepted to start in a high-tech advanced orbital metropolis?)

    ACT II: Farming is good! (Orc: farming? Do i use swords here?)
    1) get about 10 saplings of each type
    2) collect 20 seeds
    3) collect 40 sugercane
    4) find 1 mushroom of each type (if you are not near a swamp then you dont have to do this)
    5) find 1 or more pumpkins and convert it/them into seeds
    6) make a stone hoe (and again... think like an Orc)
    7) kill some skeletons to get 10 bones (Orc: AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW YEAAAAH!!!)
    8) make a farm for everything (do not make it orginized!)
    9) find some animals and lure them with some wheat into a hole made of dirt (you do not something called "fence" yet)
    10) bread them (and dont watch you PERV! ;) )

    Untile now i want to take some sejetions and hear (or reed) what you think!
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