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    I've installed this mod and all the ores are spawning as they should but none of the recipes work. I can't build a crusher using the recipe with 4 stone in the corners, 4 sticks on the straights, and a furnace in the center. Anybody know what is the issue?

    I have other mods with multiple custom recipes that work fine.

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    Quote from KyoShinda

    they would be the kind of waste of time hints that you go after but spend more time looking and checking certain spots then just finding them by accident.

    That's why I'd like to see the pacing scale with proximity, so you could tell within a few blocks if you are getting closer.

    As to the others, I think you are right that the distances are too large, but I think some should probably be larger than others; otherwise it is still very random with rare deposits like diamond, as you'd still have to dig wide swathes to pick up the music.

    If I knew more about modding I would try =X but I don't even think there are tutorials about messing with the soundtrack, and I think modding in the dynamic aspect would be very difficult.
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    First off let me say forgive me if this has been suggested before. Let me also say that I know how fanciful this idea is, so criticisms that it would make Minecraft nominally a 'music game' aren't constructive.

    A lot of people (myself included) have said that it would be great if Mojang implemented a way to make mining less random. I think that this could take the form of layers of dynamic music that would indicate nearby ores. They would play a pre-orchestrated progression, and they would synch with the existing soundtrack. It would be ideal if these could be composed by C418.

    For instance, iron and gold could be different registers of low-register sound pads, and lapis and diamond could be cello and violin, while redstone might be a sub-bass beat. These could subtly gain pace as proximity increased, and gain minute volume increases based on count in the deposit.

    So, if you were within, say, 50 blocks of an iron block, the pad would play a lot of full notes and rests. The game would then calculate how many other blocks of matching ore were within 5 blocks of the first, and play at a corresponding volume. When the distance closed to 30 blocks, there would be fewer rests and occasional half-notes. At 20 the pace would pick up further, and again at 5. Once there was no longer iron within the maximum radius, a 2-bar fade out would play, and the channel would go silent.

    If there was also gold within 60 blocks the other pad would layer with the iron pad. All five channels could conceivably be playing simultaneously.

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    I would really, really like to see more done with the oceans, but I think adding too many ocean-specific crafting recipes shifts the focus of the entire game a little too much. Maybe a consumable that refills your breathing meter until you can build an underwater airpocket (rather than all the scuba/diving gear). Also I think 30 blocks is too deep for full lighting, as many bays and such would become completely clear.

    Also I LOVE Liesye's idea for shipwreck dungeons!!!
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    I have been having a massive problem on my MC 1.9.p3 server. When I log in, I occasionally find that chunks I had edited have reverted to how they were at generation from how they were before I logged out. This is not a complete reversion of my work, because I will find buildings, bridges, and roads that get sections sliced off based on chunk boundaries. What is going on? Please help, I feel like it's pointless to even play at this point, if it is just going to disappear anyway!
    Thanks in advance.
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    First I will say I've been playing for about 6 months now and this is the first problem I've had. This has not happened before. Playing on Windows 7 64bit. Downloaded teh 1.8 leak yesterday, and it worked fine.

    When I go to launch the launcher, the hourglass cursor comes up for half a second, and then that's it. I consult the process list and see that it has launched javaw.exe, but no GUI appears. I reinstalled java. When I did this and launched the launcher was just a black window. I exited the black window and tried to relaunch and I am now back to where I started - nothing.

    I am 90% sure this is a java problem, but can anybody give me some clue what is going to make this work?
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