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    I would like to apply Null#0842

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    Hi, I'd like to apply as a developer, I have extensive past experience and my discord is Null#0842

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    That's really not a lot, seeing as they are sponsoring and hosting the server. Within a month you guys would probably be in debt since you usually don't get donations the first month.

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    Join Our Discord For The Fastest Response! https://discord.gg/r2edEs5

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    Our Customized Terrain Has Just Been Built. We're Needing Builders to Build on the world!

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    Greetings, fellow Minecraft Forum users!
    My name is Whitlox, and I am the owner of ShinobiRealms. Today I am here to recruit some certain team personnel, which we currently need to actually start the servers' development stage properly. Now, without any further ado, let's get right into it!


    What is ShinobiRealms?
    ShinobiRealms is a freshly-established Minecraft server that has been in the planning stage for roughly two years now. As some of you can already tell by the name of the server, it will be based on a certain anime/manga, which is called Naruto. If you are not aware of the existance of this certain storyline, then make sure to check it out. Anyhow, right now we are really close to starting the regular server work, such as development, building, advertising, and we obviously can not do that without a proper team of staff members.

    What do you already have server-wise?
    At this moment, we only have a few models ready, and a huge server plan, which is hopefully going to turn us into the best Naruto themed server ever, simply because it has been in the making for the past two years, so the plan is filled with simple analytics, poll results, and many different things which will for sure be quite beneficial for us in the close future. Beside that, we are also working on our website, so that's going to be up really soon as well!

    Which positions are currently opened on the server?
    Currently we don't need any more developers and since the server is nowhere near opening date we don't need moderators, Currently we need builders lots of builders. So You'll Have a high chance of acceptance.

    Is there an application format/template?
    No, we do not have a premade application format. To apply for a specific role, just make sure to add me on Discord to get to the interview stage. This is nothing you should be afraid or skeptical of, as in this part I will just be asking you a very common questions, just so we can see how good you are at what you do, and what kind of a person you are in general. If you are applying for bulider you will need to do a Trial Build.

    How should I contact you?
    All contact requests shall happen via Discord, just because it is also going to be our main way of communicating with our community members, and we actually already have a public Discord server set there.
    To apply for a role, Either Contact Null#0842 (More Active In Australian Hours) Or Arcanix#3634 (More Active In European Hours) Or Join the discord to be sure you'll have an ASAP response: https://discord.gg/r2edEs5

    Please Make Sure To Post Your Discord Username down so i know who is who

    Thank you very much for taking your time and going through my post.
    Have a nice rest of the day!


    Discord: https://discord.gg/r2edEs5

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    Can't Join The Discord. Not a Clickable Link

    PS: Great Idea.

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    Quote from NachtMC»

    May I ask, what makes this better than using a modpack? (as I think there was a modpack that also had an official server that was very very similar to this, forgot the name.) What makes it unique from a normal zombie clone? I have seen most of those features in modpacks and other servers as far as I remember.

    Everything On This server Is 100% Plugin, So no frustrating forge client.

    We have certain unique aspects in the game such as settlement making, which allows you to have a settlement center and upgrade without building (some clash of clans aspect in it), We can also include that this server is set in a medieval style layout and that there are certain unique aspects of the game such as crafting terrastone and also making filtered and unfiltered water which all have a %100 unique crafting recipe. This server also includes a kind of RPG aspect, When a player is starting it must choose from 4 Paths each of those paths let players venture out into the open. There are many side quests in side each Path which will lead to 100s of hours of gameplay. If a player finishes a Path they can still chose another Path for a fresh experience.

    There are also weekly updates which freshens up a weekly boring game.
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    G'Day - http://www.therisingmc.com/

    On behalf of The Rising Team, We are requesting an investment

    Disclaimer: Investments may be made back or not. (Higher chance since we have a dedicated team and already have powerful Hosting. Over 800 man hours has been put in this server within a span of 2 months)


    $100 Investment - ROI (Return Of Investment) - %125

    Message me on Discord:Null#0842 - We can discuss a higher investment or lower investment with

    a different ROI

    We can also describe and negotiate different type of Investments on discord that would suit

    your financial situation.


    So what is The Rising?

    Well in short, what we were going for when developing this server was a more hard-core feel to the other servers out there. One of the most important things to us when designing the server was a unique game and being an (okay) plugin dev. myself makes that what quite definitely an option (i.e. about 80% of the plugins used are made by me). We also knew we wanted a custom and non-placeable/indestructible medieval world but we didn't like the limitations on that, so we went for something in between. We concluded upon a zombie apocalyptic theme pretty quickly as it fit our mold well. As well we loved the idea of an adventurous world with a rich story, allowing us to bring in some small RPG elements. All-in-all, you have The Rising.

    But let's go into some details...

    The world of The Rising is completely custom terrain, designed by us. It is important to note, throughout Pre-Alpha and normal Alpha the map become more and more developed as we add more and more to the landscape. The world is huge and therefore it takes time. Beginning in Pre-Alpha, the map will be about 5200x3200 blocks but by the end of alpha it should be about 11000x11000 blocks in size. Inside the world, players can expect to find a number of ruined towns, cities, castles, dungeons and settlement ruins. The towns and cities can be looted, using our very own looting plugin, where players can either find essentials such as food and water as well as custom items such as lockpicks, antidotes, and purification tablets. In dungeons player can find legendary items that are linked to the story of our fascinating, zombie-infested world. But in settlement ruins player wont find anything, mostly.

    In this server, where players can't normally break or place most blocks, we give players the ability to still create in impact. Players can come across one of the various settlement ruins locations in the world and begin building anew. After clearing the ruins, players can begin construction, using a series of inventory menus, to create their settlement center and then on to settlement upgrades. Settlement upgrades can range from as simple as a living quarters to set a players spawn point in their settlement to (down the line here) a trading HUB with custom NPC villager trades for rare items, increasing demand on your settlement. We imagine other settlements either creating alliances or seeking to destroy you in order to claim the profitable trades your settlement has to offer. Settlements will also come with some customization (looking to improve this feature in the future). Players will have control on where each settlement upgrade is to be placed, allowing them to choose they're own layout. After placing an upgrade, players must then fulfill the required items needed to construct the building, once fulfilled, the given upgrade will be created.

    One of the most important custom mobs in the server would have to be the zombie. When developing the zombie, we went for the more World War Z feel to them. Zombies in this server are fast. Night is hell. It's scary, it really is. There will be times when you and your friends are casually hanging out then all of a sudden *BOOM* ten zombies come rushing out of the bushes. Luckily zombies are also easier to kill. With only about a third of the average zombie health, zombies seems to go for the more Zerg approach when going for their victims. As well as the average zombie, we have a few other custom entities such as zombie pigmen, zombie villagers, zombie horses, and last but not least zombie players. Each of these mobs has their own secrets and we implore you to discover them as we move into later stages of development.

    In this world there are a variety of custom items. Some of the greatest items to be found being legendary, as well as both adjusted and extended crating recipes allowing for new weapons and materials to be made (Lavinian Timber and the Pyro's Blade being examples). This category is planned to be expanded immensely within the next month or so. For a list of upcoming features, visit the Upcoming Features page on our website (if applicable).


    (these two categories are combine for now, but I'll expand as more features come out)
    Thirst: In our world players have a water bar (redefined from the exp bar). As time progresses, a player will begin to dehydrate. Players must find and collect water in a bottle in order to not die of thirst, but this task can be difficult. Water isn't always available and the water that is might not be the greatest quality. Drinking straight out of the ocean will provide salty water (very little quenching powers). While water from a swamp probably isn't the healthiest for you, likely resulting in one of the various diseases. Even at best, water found in rivers or lakes will still be unfiltered and may contain harmful diseases. Players must use a filtering system (brewing stand) and a purification tablet to create pure water.
    Diseases: It wouldn't be a good day if you got a disease. In this world there are a couple different kinds you can get (between 4 to 5) from various sources. As previously mentioned, drinking unfiltered water can result in a disease as well as being hit by a zombie and eating raw foods. It's important to note that, as of now, diseases are permanent. The only way to cure one would be by acquiring an antidote (craftable) or a chance from drinking milk.
    Plant Destruction: Although players can't break or place most blocks this rule is voided when it comes to plants. Plants, including trees, can be broken and harvested accordingly.
    Mining: To create tools, weapons, armor, and settlements players will need to be able to collect resources from the world. Ores and stone can be mined using the common pickaxe and the blocks will regenerate accordingly over time.
    Locked Doors: In a world where players can't break or place it would be very handy to prevent someone from entering somewhere. Throughout the world players can find certain stone brick blocks [insert image here] in doorways. These are locations where players can place their own lockable doors. Locked doors can't be broken by normal means, to open a locked door one must use the key (provided when the door is crafted) or use a lockpick. As of now there are three different tiers of locked doors and lockpicks: Novice, Intermediate, and Master. The odds of opening a door decreases with each tier of door and the odds of opening increase with each tier of lockpick used (it kind of balances itself out).

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    I was wondering if it is possible, To have around lets say 3 physical machines or may be even virtual machines (if it is possible). Lets say We have 3 Physical Machines connected to 1 switch. Or even directly connected to each other with an Ethernet cable. Or even connected together in 1 server adapter. Is it possible to mimic what a RADIUS Proxy does in a RADIUS setup where it will process logins and authentications. Can we have 1 main server doing all the processing and then another machine Controlling lets say the load made by people disconnecting and reconnecting into the server, If a player passes the authentication machine, the information will be passed on to the main machine where then the player will go into spawn or etc and maybe (i think this is probably not possible) the load of world edit being handled on a separate machine. That will make having millions of blocks pasted not lag the main server and that the building staff or whoever on the server can test schematics out while the main server is still running.

    Sorry if my English sucks, I'm doing this in a rush

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