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    My server was released around 3 weeks ago and we've yet to have found any builders that have met my expectations. The server is run on a payed host, has good specs, has a custom core system, and is hosted in the United States. Everything is going good so far, we just need a professionally built custom lobby so we can start getting YouTubers to start promoting our server to gain players!

    Contact me on discord via Ghezin#8994.

    Join my server's discord via https://discord.gg/Xj9xWC3.

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    Colossus was released a 3 weeks ago, release started off great and we averaged a decent amount of players sometimes. However the server was mostly quiet because we have no publicity, nobody knows about Colossus so I'm here hoping to attract more players!

    About us:

    Colossus is a free-to-play Practice PVP server with dedicated, loyal, and hardworking staff. We offer the entertainment of PVP on Bedrock Edition with many fun extras to your experience. Our server is completely privately developed and we offer the best experience for combat enhancement for players of all OS's, especially PE!

    Join our discord via https://discord.gg/Xj9xWC3.

    Server details: colossus.live 19132

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