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    I don't have any new pictures for this post, but I thought I'd post a word of warning. As I've stated before, these pictures are coming from a server I set up for me and my family. My son has one or more friends who log in and play as well. In order to ease the ability for friends to log in, I've left it up without a whitelist, and had it that way since the beginning--more than a year at least. Anyway, last night, someone found the IP address and joined the server. They started spamming a web address that resolved to some discord channel. This player did some griefing on the server as well. I banned the player but didn't do anything else at the time. A short time later, another player (or the same one using an alt) joined and started doing more griefing, etc. At this point I took the server down, changed it to a whitelist, and reverted it to my last backup. We lost a couple of days worth of changes, but nothing serious.

    The main point of this is, remember to backup your servers regularly. And a whitelist is your friend.

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    And finally, some pictures of the house, inside and out. The outside is done, at least for now. I still want to decorate the inside, but I have pictures of the different floors as they are right now.

    First, the base shot

    Base with finished house

    You can see the house has grown quite a bit.

    Outside views

    Here's the front view, looking back the opposite way

    Front of house

    And I liked the night view as well

    Front at night

    And here's a couple of other angles, first from the side

    Side/front view

    Well, front/side anyway

    And from the back

    Back of house

    First floor inside

    Now for some inside shots. The first floor... you remember the nether portal in front of the old house, down below? Well, I never moved it, I just incorporated it into the newer, bigger house.

    First floor with nether portal

    From the opposite direction, looking up towards the second floor. Conveniently, the steps going up also contain the stairway going down to the iron mine, underneath what you see here.

    Stairway to 2nd floor

    Here's looking out of the same room, but at night and at the sorter room and raid fortress through the windows.

    Looking out of the windows from the first floor

    Back in the room with the nether portal, looking out the other way towards the tower containing the spiral staircase

    Tower with spiral staircase

    Second floor inside

    Now on the 2nd floor, looking down the stairway containing the path to the iron farm, and out the front windows towards the raid fortress

    Stairway and raid fortress from 2nd floor

    I plan to make a room just for brewing potions here.

    Same angle, but backed up a bit and looking down the mine shaft


    There's a porch on the front accessible from the 2nd floor, here's a night view looking at the raid fortress

    Front porch on 2nd floor

    Looking back the other way, there's a circular room with a view of the ocean. I plan to make this look like a dining area.

    Dining area looking out over the ocean

    From closer to the window, you can see the bridge to the fishing island. It looks cool at night.

    Fishing island and bridge

    Bonus room level 1.5

    Below this, there's another circular room that I haven't decided what to do with it. It is sort of level 1.5.

    Shorter circular room


    As you go up the spiral staircase in the tower, you enter into the attic area

    Attic area

    As you can see, I have a bunch of armor stands and barrels with armor in them here.

    Another view of the armor stands looking towards the front.

    Armor room in the attic

    Above the circular room, in the attic is the enchanting room

    Enchanting room

    Lots of storage here as well.

    There's a lot of pictures in this post. It took a while to do all of this. Maybe next time I'll have more inside shots after I finish some of the rooms. Or I may start working on a trading village/fortress. I've got a plan to put that some distance away so it doesn't interfere with my iron farm.

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    And here they are... progress on the house!

    First, the base so far

    Base with house in progress

    You probably remember the old house from earlier posts, not very big, very square, and boring--just enough to start from. Well, I built around it.

    Old house inside new

    Another angle

    House inside house

    And then I got rid of it. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to remove. The mineshaft and shaft going to the iron farm, how I wanted to work around those. Eventually, I got it done. Here's the outside views after adding much of the 2nd level and starting on the roof.

    Starting roof

    And a little bit more...

    Roof nearly finished

    Raid picture...

    While working on the house, I saw a couple of pillager patrols go by. Eventually, we got to do our first raid with the new raid fortress. I didn't take many shots of that, but I can report that the raid fortress worked very well for the raids. The biggest problem was trying to hit the raiders from the top while they tended to run around an awful lot. However, many of them just ran straight into the lava when I turned it on so that simplified things a lot. The witches were the biggest problem because they tended to stay back a ways so they didn't come running towards the village center and die in the lava. Also, the ravager beasts seemed to stay out of the lava for the most part but since they are pretty slow, we could just shoot them with the bow and they'd die eventually.

    Raiders!I did find out that vexes can fly straight through the cobwebs at the top of the fortress without slowing down so they were a bit of a challenge when they spawned by the Evoker. Still, the raid fortress worked well for dealing with raids, so that was good.

    In my next post, finished pictures of the outside of the house. I have some inside shots as well, and some plans for what different rooms are going to have in them. Some rooms are going to just be decorative, some will have functional purposes.

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    I think the redstone sorter was one of the first redstone things I created. You can find multiple videos on YouTube. They're actually fairly simple to make as far as redstone goes. Once you've figured out how to make the basic sorter unit, putting together a row of them to sort multiple items is not that hard.

    I have pictures of my house that I've been building, but I don't have time right now to post them. I'll be posting them later today probably.

    Actually, as I'm writing this, I think my first redstone creation was a rail track. Before we had horses, rails were the only good way to get around very fast. When horses came out, I stopped making so many rail tracks. I used to create rail tracks between various bases just to travel between them faster. But that was also before I learned how to create pathways through the nether as well, which significantly shortens travel time.

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    Quote from the1troj»

    I enjoyed reading this and following along. I have only recently started playing MC, mostly because of my kids and my son wanting to start a YouTube channel. I find the game amazing and relaxing. This has inspired me to perhaps share progress updates of the builds we come up with in our shared world we play on for YT.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I never got interested in creating videos, but I did like reading through other people's survival threads showing their builds so I figured I'd create one of my own. And like you, I got started playing the game from my kids coming home and talking about it after school and whatnot.

    Anyway, it has been a few days since my last update. I've done a few different things to my world as you will see below. First the base shot
    Base shot

    You might notice something different above the raid fortress, and also by the house.

    I realized that the top of the fortress would make a great spot to deal with phantoms when I stay up too many nights in a row while mining. So, I added some cobwebs that I collected from the abandoned mine I found.

    cobwebs above fortress

    And you can see I already fought off a few phantoms

    phantom caught in web

    I haven't had a raid yet with this fortress, and I'm not sure if these will slow down vexes, but if they do that as well, that would be awesome.

    I started working on a much bigger house. I looked at a lot of pictures of houses online for ideas. I really liked one called "Falcon Manor" so I've taken most of my ideas from that Minecraft design. Apparently the Minecraft version is based on a real place. Either way, I'm not going to copy the entire design, but I'm using a lot of the same basic building styles from it.

    House expansion

    After building some more

    House expansion 2

    And more

    House expansion 3

    Somewhere along the way, I also added the fourth row to the sorter inside the sorter building

    4th row of sorter

    The first row is almost completely full, I've got plans for most of the last row, and I'm thinking of adding another level at the top of the building.

    First row almost full

    The only drawback is that I've noticed some lag, especially when loading up the game at the beginning. I think all those hoppers and redstone devices may be causing the lag. We'll see how it goes if I add more.

    One other thing I did. Some days ago, I created an experience farm out of a skeleton spawner. As you can imagine, I get a lot of bones and arrows, and not a little armor and bows out of it as well. So I decided to build a special sorter just for that stuff.

    Spawner with hopper pipe

    And here's the sorter, with some large chests to collect the drops.

    Spawner sorter

    So that's all for now. I need to finish the house, and I may have a raid at some point. We'll see what else I come up for the next post.

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    Any level below level 11 is liable to have large lava lakes. One way to get rid of them is to find some stacks of gravel, and just drop the gravel into the lake. It will drop down to the bottom and then you can keep dropping and mining the gravel (or sand) as you work your way through it. Of course not all the lava chambers are perfectly vertical, so you'll have to adjust as best you can. If you start at level 11 and work your way down, mining one layer at a time, you should be able to use gravel or sand to get rid of it eventually.

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    Or you could go fishing. I've gotten some decent bows from fishing. You could even make an AFK fishing spot... there's videos of how to do it on YouTube.

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    And here's the rest of my fortress pictures, as promised.

    First, a base shot at night. Obviously, you can see the raid fortress in the background.

    Base night shot

    Here's a picture from the top level of the tower. You can see my base photo tower in the background.

    Top of raid fortress

    The end rods double as something to keep you from accidentally walking into a hole from the end as well as providing light.

    Inside the tower, I've added another level as well

    Inside from the bottom

    You can see the bottom of the level from here,, also, there's windows that open with trap doors so you can shoot at raiders.

    Here's the middle level, with more windows that open.

    Middle level view inside

    Finally, as you go up, before you get to the top. the inside view, where I've added some trap doors to use to shoot straight down if needed.

    Inside the top

    Previously, I posted the outside view with and without lava. Here's a couple more shots of the same, but of the finished building.

    Outside view of tower

    And the same with the lava flowing down.

    Lava flowing view

    So, now I need to have a raid and see how well it works. Since I finished building it, I haven't actually seen any pillager patrols. If I do, I'll make sure to annoy them and see how this works out.

    One other thing I added was tunnels that connect my house, mine, and sorter building so I can avoid going outside if I want to go from one place to another. But those pictures seemed somewhat boring so they didn't get added.


    PS. I finally figured out how to add those spoiler buttons so I've gone back to add them to previous posts, and this one as well.

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    As promised, here are some pictures of the raid fortress.

    Earlier, I created my iron farm below ground in a particular chunk on the far side of the sorter building from where I normally post base pictures. So I decided to create the raid fortress centered in that chunk with an entrance from below ground that can only be accessed from other buildings.

    Raid fortress entrance

    Here is the entrance from a tunnel that goes under the sorter building.

    I laid out where the wall will be along with a "moat" around it where I will have lava that I can turn off or on with a switch.

    Wall and moat

    Underground, I dug out an area for redstone, repeaters and sticky pistons to make the moat deeper and open it up for lava to flow into.

    Underground redstone circuitsI didn't take pictures of all the repeaters and sticky pistons, but you can see the corners that I couldn't put pistons because there was no good way to activate them that I could find.

    After the pistons were in place, this is a shot of them "off", in other words lowered. Again, you can see the corners that don't move.

    pistons loweredThe intent was to have lava source blocks on top of where you see the stone brick under the edge. When the pistons are lowered, then the lava flows into the moat. When the pistons are raised, the lava is blocked off.

    And here's the pistons raised, it just looks like a nice green grassy square around the fortress.

    Raised pistons

    After building the tower up a lot higher...

    Tower is going up

    I added some extra overhang area on the top with pistons that control lava source blocks that I can turn off and on.

    Top layers of fortress

    It adds some character to the tower as well so it isn't just a tall rectangle or square.

    Once the pistons are retracted, the lava falls

    Lava falling from the tower

    After seeing how the lava flows into the moat, I decided, I may not need lava around the outside edge underground.

    Lava in the moat

    As you can see, once the moat pistons are lowered, the lava flows through all of it with no grass showing.

    moat is full of lava

    Anyway, here's a couple more shots from the tunnel and inside the tower.

    Tunnel going up to the tower

    The switch is for the pistons that raise and lower the level of the bottom of the moat.

    At the bottom of the tower looking down towards the tunnel.

    Bottom of tower

    And now looking up towards the top of the tower where a platform is in place.

    looking at the inside top of the tower

    And finally the top of the tower where the pistons are blocking off some lava. I have obsidian around the lava so you know not to accidentally expose the lava at the top.

    top of tower

    In the next post, I'll add final pictures of the tower. I added a couple more levels, one inside and one above. I didn't want to add that many more pictures to this post because it is already getting pretty long as it is.

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    I haven't taken the time to start updating the house yet, but I figured I'd share the barn pictures I have so far.

    I've added doors and trap doors to different openings in the barn that I can close to keep skeletons and pillagers from shooting at me, or creepers from blowing up on the outside if/when I'm standing on the inside.

    New doors and windows

    And from the side

    Side view with trap doors

    I finished the "loft" floor and have it well-lit so no mobs spawn

    barn loft

    And I've added doors to the various pens and put some horses in place.

    horses in their pens

    Eventually I'd like to have at least one of each color and pattern--that's why the barn is so big. Admittedly, I'm a bit of a hoarder too, but that's a separate issue. There's several colors I don't have yet. I guess I need to do some exploring.

    On a separate note, as previously stated, I have an iron farm that is still producing tons of iron. But that also means it is producing tons of red poppies. I noticed the other day my barrel containing poppies is nearly full so I had to figure out what to do with them all. Well, once I figured out how to make an automatic composter, I realized I could sort out the poppies, put them through a composter, and that would significantly reduce the problem. So, part way down the pipe that takes the iron from the farm to put it in the sorter, I added this:

    poppy sorter

    The iron and poppies drop through the pipe and any poppies get sorted out here. You can see a switch in the background that I can turn off when I want to keep the poppies though, if for some reason I'm running out of red dye (not likely, but you never know.)

    Then the rest of the iron and any bonemeal is transported to the sorter.

    Bottom of poppy sorter/composterThere is another switch here to stop bonemeal from going into the sorter in case I decide to collect it here rather than the regular sorter.

    In my next post I've got pictures of a raid fortress I'm creating. It is partly done, but I didn't want to add it to this post and extend it too much further.

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    Nice job! That's a really cool monument. And I like how you used banners to create letters (and yes, I've seen the idea before).

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    I've only played xbox a little bit. I prefer the original PC Java version, probably because that's what I'm most used to.

    Anyway, as promised, here's some pictures of how the horse door is built. There's several YouTube videos about the details if you want to look them up. Given that the redstone is very close in color to the red nether brick that I'm using for the barn, it is a bit hard to see some of the details.

    First here's everything without the redstone, including the sticky pistons.

    Horse door

    Next, a view of the redstone that operates the door.

    horse door with redstone

    Basically, redstone goes on everything horizontal that doesn't have a pressure plate on it.

    The idea is that when you approach riding a horse, just as you reach the door, you make the horse jump up, activating the pressure plates through the slabs holding them, which deactivates the sticky pistons and opening the door. Then you have to immediately run through the door before it closes.

    One problem I've had is getting donkeys to jump high enough to go through the door. Other than that, the only hard part is timing the jump right so you can activate the pressure plate.

    And here's some pictures of progress of the roof and inside the barn.

    Looking toward the back of the barn

    The roof is almost done... looking back toward the front of the barn. You can see I'm starting work on a large storage room in the top of the barn. In theory this might be a loft, but I'm not exactly sure what/how I'll use it. I'll come up with something though.

    Front of barn from the inside

    Another shot inside after most of the "straw" is put down and a lot of pens built.

    Inside floor shot

    Outside front...

    Outside front of barn

    And a side shot

    Side of barn

    And finally a view of the base with the barn roof complete

    Base with barn roof complete

    Next, I'll show some pictures of the inside with the pens complete, and a few horses in their stalls. I've also come up with a couple more things I want to work on like a better house including an enchanting room and stuff like that. I've added some other features to the barn as well so that will be in the next post as well.

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    That's a good start!

    (Although, I've been playing on this server for a while.)

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    Yes, I play on hard mode. I also, usually play on servers I set up with and for my family so I usually have someone available to help with defeating the raid. I've never tried to beat a raid by myself although I take on patrols all the time. I'll have to reconsider that now if a patrol comes through my current base since I don't want another raid, at least not until I get a good place set up to try to defeat it.

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    Several things have happened since I last posted. I did start working on my horse barn as I suggested the last time. Also, I finally made it to the end and we beat the Ender Dragon--I didn't get any pictures because... well... it looks the same for most everyone, every time.

    Anyway, the horse barn. I have several pictures of building progress. First, the initial layout with gravel (I like to use gravel since when I break it, I can get flint which is useful for arrows. Arrows aren't really a need right now since I have a skeleton spawner/experience farm but, it's just habit at this point.

    Horse barn layout

    Then I started leveling the land

    Leveling land for horse barn

    I started with the horse door.

    Horse door

    I can post closeup shots of how the horse door is built when I do one on the other end. Also, you can see the beginning of some fences for the different pens. I like to use wheat bales set on their end for the floor since it looks like a strawed floor. But that takes a LOT of wheat. Fortunately, at my original base, my son has a huge wheat farm. I can get more than 3 stacks of bales from each harvest there. Also, it is in a spawn chunk so it is always growing after I harvest it.

    Working on more walls, and fences. Also just started the roof. And, as you can see on the right, a chorus plant is growing. I brought one chorus flower back with me from the End along with a few end stone blocks so I could grow this stuff.

    Horse barn expansion

    Here, you can see the roof is being added. I have my own style of roof that I've never seen anywhere else.

    Horse barn with partial roof

    Finally, here's a view of my base overall, with more chorus plants growing.

    Base is growing

    Before I logged off the last time, and after we had beaten the end dragon, I had some extra drama. I had gone to the original base and harvested more wheat. While there, I killed some pillagers and got "Bad Omen". I didn't happen to have any buckets of milk with me to clear the spell so I didn't get rid of it. When I got back to this base, I forgot that since I have my iron farm running, it now counts as a "village" so a raid was started. I hadn't been prepared for that so it took a while and some help from others on my server to finally kill all the raids that came. So, I'm going to have to build a fortress above where my iron farm is so I can have a good base from which to kill these raids. That will probably be the subject of a future set of pictures.

    Fortunately, my iron farm is safe since it is well underground and the pillagers can't get to it. Meanwhile, I will have to be more careful about getting the "Bad Omen" spell.

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