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    posted a message on Carpenter's Blocks

    Hey, mind putting this up on Curseforge for the upcoming public modpack functionality?

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    posted a message on In-Game NBTEdit! Edit Mob Spawners & Attributes in game! FINALLY UPDATED!

    Hey, would you mind putting this on curseforge so people using the upcoming modpack publishing system can include it in their packs?

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    posted a message on [1.5.2][Forge] AddMicro - a Forge Multipart helper (0.0.001)
    AddMicro is a simple helper mod that gives more blocks microblocks from Forge Multipart.

    - Automatically registers all stone types, cobble, bricks etc. from Underground Biomes
    - Add any block type you want via a simple config option (just don't try Mystcraft crystal; FMP reeeeeally doesn't like that)
    - By default, adds microblocks for note blocks, trapdoors and pistons (non-sticky)

    More automatic mod support coming soon!

    Installation: Just drop into your /mods/ folder; initial configuration will be generated upon first load.

    (Any and all modpacks are free to distribute AddMicro; after all, that's kind of what it's for!)

    Download Now
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] More Player Models
    I have a bug report, a non-bug issue report and a few concerns to share:

    1) Key bindings don't save for me; any time I restart Minecraft they reset to the defaults, which is a bit of a big problem as they coincide with the default settings for Rei's Minimap.

    2) The mapping on the ear textures on the furry model is... a bit derpy. As it stands now, the side textures are mapped wrong; the right ear needs to be identical to the left but flipped horizontally (not rotated; a negative scale value for whichever axis is left-right)

    3) The tail geometry is rather limited; there's really no proper representation for a fox tail at all, and it just all ends up looking like cat tails. I managed to make a husky tail for my skin using the "fin" option, but it's rather flat; perhaps add a variant that keeps it 2D but makes it "thick" like held items?

    (I use Forge ModLoader instead of Risugami's or ModloaderMP; the keybinding issue may be specific to Forge.)
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    posted a message on SaviorCraft 1.8.1 Bukkit Minecraft Server No-White List
    Server just went down and stayed down... =/
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