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    posted a message on Problem with non-latin symbols [solved]

    Hello, I`ve started making my own texturepack recently and encountered a problem. Non-Latin symbols (Russian) are just squares or dots. Latin symbols at the same time work fine.

    I downloaded the asset from mcasset.cloud (1.14.2 if i remember properly), and in the files of the pack all the symbols are ok.

    The only solution i know now is to download working asset (but it will take very much time to move all the textures i`ve made already).

    UPD. I downloaded a working asset and moved all textures there. It took much less time than I was expecting.

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    posted a message on Hamachi 1.14 problem

    I wanted to play with my friend, so i`ve loaded my world, opened it for LAN, gave him the port. He copied my ipv4, entered it with port as needed, tried to join the server but the loading never ended. It said "Connecting to the server" and then just crashed. We did the same on his server and the same thing happened.
    Strange thing is that yesterday we both played on our other friend's server and everything worked properly.

    We did the thing with disabling firewall but nothing changed.

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    posted a message on Help to find a texturepack

    Hello guys, recently I was searching for ways of building a mine and found this image. I liked textures here but I cannot find this resourcepack name. Does any of you guys know its name? (Sorry for any mistakes in the text, English is not my native language)

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