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    Quote from Tycoon51»

    I've spend just a little time in the End, and I've encountered similar problems. The bug with Spectre Key and End dimension is real, Ender Dragons are everywhere and they aren't threat anymore.

    However I had problem with Endermen, exactly the Angry ones, even with best armor (Fabulous, Dark, etc.) and 60HP they killed me in 2-3 hits. Fighting the EnderEye was just impossible, whenever I landed on the tower, there started to rain AngryEndermen everywhere which results in instant kill, so I made it only with SPAMR from reasonable distance. I felt just strange that EnderDragon hits you (in armor) for 1-2HP while Enderman for 25-30HP

    After you beat the game, you can go back to any dimension, it's the purpose of the last quest. If you want to continue the Journey, you should try the Dawn of the Void modpack, which poses as sequel to this pack.

    I've never had problems tanking angry endermen. My armor was comprised of a Soularium Jetplate and 3 pieces of Dark Steel armor with Protection IV, three levels of empowerment, and Soulbound, nothing hit me for more than a heart of damage at a time and my cleaver had Life Steal III so the end was a breeze for me. Though my methodology for attacking the eye would be to clear the tower out first, from the bottom breaking all the spawners on the way up -- which is time-consuming but safe. I gave up on doing the rest of the hardcore ender expansion because I couldn't stand all the dragons and the slow chunkloading.

    Thanks for the mod recommendation.

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    Quote from king_yatesy»

    hey loving the modpack.

    decided to play the game with friends took me hours to get it kinda working but now some textures aren't loading or the blocks.

    It looks to me like the carpenter blocks arent being loaded properly, and/or something went terribly wrong with ItemIDs. Have you tried deleting your world and regenerating it? Also, make sure that the carpenter's blocks mod is loaded and that none of the mods are malfunctioning or failing to load (check your logs).

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    I finally beat the modpack! I have a few suggestions:

    1) Is there any way to fix the bug that forces you to relog if you try to go to a pocket dimension from the end?

    2) The lava floor in the end seems to cause chunk loading to slow down considerably. It would be nice if that was optimized somehow.

    3) A few more optional quest book quests to lead you into HEE would be nice (for example one that gives you a Biome compass or has you create a biome compass)

    4) It would be nice if there was a dimension like the vanilla overworld where someone who beat the game could live out their days. A teleport back to the cave dimension might be nice too, as it's the most pleasant of all the underground dimensions.

    5) End dragons EVERWHERE. It would be nice if there could be a way to reduce the amount of dragons in the end or banish them. It's not unusual for me to pick up 4 or 5 ender dragons when flying to an end biome. It does interfere with my enjoyment of HEE.

    6) Extra mob HP could probably be reduced in the end. At this point the extra HP doesn't really add much difficulty since you can tank every mob easily with Jetplate and fully enhanced dark steel armor -- it simply makes it take longer to kill the mobs.

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    Quote from Lost_Warrior»

    any reason why pink slime, signalum, and probably a few others won't work in TiC recipes but are makeable?

    Balance reasons, i'll assume -- as signalum limbed bows and enderium tipped tools are well known about and considered overpowered by some.

    I've had no problem with using pink slime for various purposes (handles, crossbow limbs, bolt cores, etc).
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    Quote from Dunnney»

    I've installed the mod and whenever I create a world or try to play the game all the textures don't render in so everything looks white or a shade of green. I've reinstalled with texture pack and without around 10 times trying to see if anything works but I still get the same problem, the textures don't render. It's as if they aren't taking the textures from the resource pack or two packs are conflicting but I still can't manage to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated, thank you

    I wonder if it's an issue with the instance or if it's graphics related (not texture pack related). I would look for the following things:

    1) Try removing the instance completely and then reinstalling it from scratch.

    2) Try disabling fastcraft and/or optifine (if installed/enabled)

    3) Make sure your graphics cards drivers are up-to-date.
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    What's the best means of flight?

    I made all the requisite items for a Dark Soularium Jetplate except for the center jetpack which needs me to upgrade a conductive iron jetpack a few times. But the recipe for the conductive iron jetpack is disabled?

    If so is there an alternative means of flight I can use besides getting lucky with finding an air-walking artifact+glider. And if so why does the dark soularium jetplate have a recipe in the first place?

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    Thanks for the Sneak peek for Essentialcraft. Keep up the work on it, it's one of my favorite mods.

    Oh and another thing you might consider porting it to 1.9 soon because I read that there are a lot of mods skipping 1.8 and just going to 1.9. I want to see it in more modpacks.

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    Quote from Anhrak»

    anyway, the "sky" dimension is already The End. It already gives a method of flight, and literally got a major update in 1.9 not a month or two ago.

    Yeah, but who would want to live in the end? I'm talking about a sky dimension with sun, animals, and sky waterfalls that spill out from the islands. A heavenly paradise as opposed to a dark and oppressive environment.
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    Quote from Anhrak»

    Minecraft has an empty storyline. This is the whole factor that lets everybody be at FULL LIBERTY TO CREATE THEIR OWN.

    Don't take that away.

    That's not the plan. I simply made up that scenario to express on player's idea of why that thing might be there. Ie: there's a logical reason why something in the game exists. Without exposition (ie: books) a player is free to make up their own story and that's how it should be.
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    Quote from gharial5»

    How would one dodge? Please give us some more detail!

    Dodging would be done by double tapping the strafe keys. It would cause a player to rapidly jump to the side by a couple of blocks. It would have a cooldown of a few seconds to prevent players from spamming it.

    Dashing would cause a player to jump forward by a few blocks (about 3 or 4), a lot like a full speed sprinting jump, except with a bit more velocity. It could impart the ability of the player to score a critical hit or it could be used to knock a player back if the shield is held out while dashing. Like the dodge, the dash/lunge would have a few seconds of cooldown, preventing players from using it for getting around too quickly. I'm not sure how this would be implemented in the keys, since double tapping the forward key is used for sprinting already and dashing/lunging when you meant to simply sprint could be a problem.

    Swimming would be implemented by holding 'shift' while in the water. The player's body would become aligned in the direction they're looking at and they could swim underwater more fluidly (for example, diving and rising much faster) by looking at something they want to swim towards and simply holding W.
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    Quote from nukeman007»

    Though a few ideas are interesting, there are a few objections I have to this:

    -Adding a "story" to Minecraft is a bit of a turnoff. Minecraft isn't supposed to have any sort of lore behind it; the Player's supposed to create their own story as they progress through the game. Adding a few ruins to the End wouldn't hurt, though.

    Well, there is no need to add a 'story' per-se. The player can still create their own imagined narrative much in the same way I created it in the OP.

    The Sky dimension would basically be a reward for beating the game, hence why the necessary item to reach the Sky dimension would only exist in the end.

    As the Sky dimension would have its own biomes, the player could choose to live there.

    -With the new movements, I'm a bit skeptical. Though climbing up ledges would be useful, what if you were falling hundreds of blocks, but
    instead of landing on a narrow platform and dying, you could instead grab its ledge, preventing fall damage? I think that limitations should
    be made for when you can and can't climb ledges.

    That would certainly be possible

    -Adding dash/dodge mechanics seems very unnecessary. As AThingWithAThing said, we can sort of already do this.

    Sort of the thing is not really the thing though, is it? If you try to strafe normally to evade an attack, the enemy can still track you and hit you so strafing is basically useless in close quarters. Whereas if you could pop a dodge to avoid a sword slash, or do a quick dash towards an enemy in order to crit them or knock em back when you have your shield out then it makes combat a little more interesting.
    -We can pick up chickens now. So... is it exclusive to chickens, or are we able to lift any
    sort of other small mob? Also, being able to float down by holding a Chicken seems like it's better off remaining in Legend of Zelda, and not
    in Minecraft.

    Chickens would be the only mob that would make sense to carry. Though I imagine being able to carry and throw other small animals (ie: cats, bunnies) would be a little useful although certainly a bit too slapstick.
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    I found a bug in the way that NEI's 'show items in chest' hotkey works with Applied Energistics.

    Normally when you press this hotkey (default 't' in FTB Infinity) while hovering over an item in your own inventory or in a chest, it will close out of the inventory and show other inventories that contain the item.

    This can cause problems when accessing an AE2 crafting terminal, as it causes 't' keypresses not to be inputted into the search textbox unless you actually hover your mouse over the textbox while typing. It's not a bug that happens with everyone but me and another player were afflicted by this bug.

    The bug was worked around by rebinding the affecting key in NEI options.

    I'm using NEI on FTB Infinity 2.1.3 and we experienced the bug while playing on FTB Infinity's Hard Mode.

    I'm using Debian Linux, not sure what my other friend is using but I don't think it's Linux.

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    Glad you like em.

    So this will not be able to remove negative effects that are applied to the player's matrix?[/b]

    No. I think the effects should still be removed individually (that's the way it works right? the lower your matrix, the higher chance of getting a bad status effect) but the soul cleanse would just clean up the rest of the matrix and with a fully clean matrix the player would be resistant to getting effects.

    The radiation was much more deadly before, too many people were complaining, so I had to nerf it[/b]

    Yeah, you're probably right. I have never experienced high level radiation but that's probably in part because I usually wore wind-enchanted gear into Hoanna when I played earlier versions. However radiation nonetheless seems a bit nebulous, like it doesn't do much. Inflicting periodic status effects might be a useful way to buff radiation, or maybe a reduction of max HP per radiation level. For example

    Radiation I: 0:00 - 7:30: No Negative Effects

    Radiation II: 7:30-15:00: Less 2 Max HP (1 Heart). Occasional Nausea (2 seconds). "You begin to feel a bit sick"

    Radiation III: 15:00-25:00: Less further 3 Max HP (1.5 Heart). Occasional Nausea (4 seconds). Occasional Weakness (10 seconds). "Your body is not feeling well"

    Radiation IV: 25:00: Less further 5 Max HP (2.5 Heart). Occasional Nausea (6 seconds). Weakness (15 seconds). Slowness (15 seconds). Occasional Poison (6 seconds). "The radiation is starting to take its toll"

    Radiation timer would be capped at 25 minutes.

    So, if someone spends too long in Hoanna and contracts Radiation IV. They would have only 5 max hearts. Still enough to make it out alive, but also enough to make it difficult to survive encounters with hostile mobs. Once they made it out of the radiation field they would immediately go down to Radiation III and their timer would begin counting down.

    The reason I do not want to do it is because that
    would require making those blocks have TileEntities. Since there are
    bunch of levitators + spreaders that would impact a pretty heavy
    performance hit on your game, especially on servers. [/b]

    You could be right. I wonder if there would be a way to make an inert version of one which would only 'come alive' once the player activated it for the first time. Or if the player broke it, it would turn into a regular functioning one once it goes into his inventory. It's not really important at all, and I guess they serve their purposes well as flavor objects.

    So as I understand it no longer drops the cores?[/b]

    I guess it could still drop the cores. I like the Hologram boss as he is right now. He's one of the better boss battles in minecraft and drops acceptable loot. I guess I wouldn't really change anything about this boss battle except for being able to unlock additional stuff like some flavor pages in the book or unlocking an even more difficult boss battle.

    There was no RNG to start with. Too bad not much people know about it...[/b]

    Yeah, I have to say I don't really know how that boss's loot drops work. From my experience it seems to drop subtraction cores first. Are the boss's drops always going to be in a sequence like that, where it will drop subtraction cores the first time and another spcific item the second time?

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    CrouchingOcelot's big batch o' more suggestions (Essential Craft)

    Tier 1 Soul Pentacle

    - Performs functions previously done by a Level 1+2 Soul Pentacle

    Tier 2 Soul Pentacle

    - Performs functions previously done by a Level 3 Soul Pentacle.

    - Dispel Aura. Costs ESPE to impart a status effect that causes radiation and corruption to tick down very quickly.

    Tier 3 Soul Pentacle

    - No longer drains all ESPE to clean matrix. Instead allows you to spend a fixed amount of ESPE to impart Soul Cleanse, a status effect which gradually heals your Matrix's health over time. Multiple applications may be needed for a player that has severe matrix damage)

    Tier 4 Soul Pentacle Buffs (costs ESPE)

    - Matrix Shield (Imparts resistance to corruption and radiation, resistance to matrix damage)

    - Matrix Armor (Imparts one level of protection that lasts 15 minutes, causes matrix damage)

    - Matrix Force (Imparts one level of swiftness+strength that lasts 15 minutes, causes matrix damage)

    - Matrix Copy (Imparts a buff that provides an hour of death protection that only works once. When triggered by a lethal blow, casts regeneration III, protection II, strength II and swiftness II for 10 seconds. When triggered, damage the players matrix heavily. Players with an already badly damaged matrix before death protection is triggered may suffer body or mind damage)


    - Guns should respect PvP rules better. On modpacks and servers with a lot of mods, only a small amount of players may have the ability to repair matrix damage (because not everyone does EC3). Most players won't even know what matrix damage is.


    - Should be more deadly and impart immediate and temporary status debuffs which resemble longer-term matrix damage but are dispelled when the radiation effect runs out completely.


    - Buildings should be more sophisticated, much like the city buildings on Crash Landing. Assuming that the previous denizens of Hoanna were a fully functioning people, it might contain ruins of apartments, subways (or other transport systems), offices, factories, reactors, etc.

    - Chests should be placed in the buildings

    - The buildings should contain hostile entities

    Hoanna's machines

    - Levitator: Acts like an MRU-Powered elevator. Hold space to ascend rapidly to the next floor, hold shift to descend rapidly to the previous floor.

    - MRU Distributor: A point-to-point link like the Ray Tower. Also slowly fills nearby MRU machines within 8 blocks when given a source.

    - Miscellaneous Devices: The buildings may contain an occasional low-level MRU-powered device such as magical activators, furnaces, etc

    Loot Tables

    - Reduce the chance/quantities of all types of loot to 1/2 except for MRU reactors and cores which are already quite rare.

    - Chance of other gear in chests, including magical hazmat suit pieces

    - Improve the quality of baubles found in hoanna chests. Double their efficacy as they already compete with more functional baubles found in overworld chests.

    - Possibility of finding 'scrap of information' items in Hoanna. When used, these items add a new page to a section in the players research books which explain pieces of what happened to Hoanna as well as other mysteries the mod is centered around.

    Hologram Boss

    - Drops multiple neuronic plates and other items needed to hasten the completion of computer guy armor.

    - When defeated will drop an item which can be used as part of a means to call a higher tier boss (e.g. data crystal).

    Hologram+ Boss

    - Constructed with items gained from defeating the hologram boss multiple times. (e.g. a multiblock structure with multiple data crystals)

    - A new boss. This one switches between multiple attacks like the Hologram boss, but also has the ability to teleport and melee with the player (like an enderman).

    - Drops higher quality items used to craft CG armor. (remember to make crafting recipes for these parts too, RNG can really screw some people over).

    - High chance to drop a weapon core (fire, ice, air, water) which grants an additional effect to any gun that uses the core.

    - Super Hard. Like an optional superboss or raid boss. Many players may need additional help (from other players) to defeat this boss.

    Possible enemies (made by spawners in buildings which contain treasure)

    - Roaming gas cloud spirits. Entities which float towards the player and emit noxious fumes, gives nausea and poison. Destroying its core will dispel the gas cloud.

    - Hologram. Like the Holograms you fight when fighting the inquisition boss.

    - Ice Crystal. Slow moving ranged enemies. They shoot ice crystals which give slowness I and weakness. Getting close to them gives slowness II.

    - Corruption Avatar. Emits the same kind of corruption emitted by heavy MRU usage. Does so continuously and in a wide area.


    - What is the Wind? Is it an extradimensional being (spirit) that walks between Hoanna and Overworld?


    - What is inquisition? Are they beings that survived the Hoanna disaster and seek to purge those touched by wind? A militant people who work for SHADE?


    - What is Shade? Is it a hostile alien race that triggered the Hoanna disaster? Extradimensional beings (spirits) that manifests themselves through the MRU/ESPE? Something else?

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